Can Shiny Metang be caught in Pokemon GO?

Shiny Metang and Metagross as they appear in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)
Shiny Metang and Metagross as they appear in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)
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With Metang's sudden appearance as a 3-Star Raid Boss in Pokemon GO, players are jumping all over the opportunity to add this rare Pokemon to their collection. Getting a hold of Metang means that players are one step closer to getting Metagross, one of the best Pokemon in the franchise.

Metang has always held down the state of being that awkward middle-stage that is common in Pokemon evolutionary lines with three stages. However, in Pokemon GO, players will likely be spending the most time with their Metang as players may need to walk with it to collect the Beldum candy from evolving it into Metagross.

Every Pokemon in the franchise has a rare variant called a "Shiny Pokemon." These kinds of Pokemon are highly regarded among fans of the series due to their rarity and often better color scheme than the original.

Shiny Metang in Pokemon GO: Fact or Fiction?

Metang as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Metang as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Matters become a little more complex when looking towards obtaining a Shiny Metang. Beldum was the Spotlight Pokemon for March 2021's Community Day, so it is possible to find and capture any member of the Beldum evolutionary line in their shiny variants. However, according to The Silph Road, it is impossible to find one through Raid Battles.

Finding a Pokemon as hard to come by as Metang would most likely be easier to find Beldum; with this being the case, we will be shifting our focus towards Beldum. Players will first need to familiarize themselves with Pokemon GO's hidden mechanic known as "Pokemon Nests."

These nests are unmarked locations where specific Pokemon are more likely to spawn. These locations can be found in a comprehensive and interactive atlus on The Silph Road's website. This atlus even includes options to filter out specific Pokemon depending on which one the player is looking for.


With the new information of the nest system, players will hopefully be able to find a Beldum nest in their area; now, the hunt can begin. After players find themselves in a reported Beldum nest, players can use an Incense to increase the spawn rate of Pokemon around them. This should net the player multiple Beldum encounters.

If players can find a Pokestop around the location marked as a Beldum nest, players can use a Lure Module in conjunction with an Incense to significantly increase the spawn rate of Pokemon in an area. This should help the player find a Shiny Beldum a lot quicker than if they waited for one to spawn naturally.

To summarize, Shiny Metang is available to catch in Pokemon GO but may not be available via Raid Battles. Players will need to either get lucky or need to hunt for Shiny Beldums rather than Metang. There is also the possibility that this was just a mistake on The Silph Road website. Either way, players can catch one.

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