Pokemon GO: Flareon's weaknesses and best counters in 2022

Flareon gets access to Fire Spin and Overheat (Image via Niantic)
Flareon gets access to Fire Spin and Overheat (Image via Niantic)

Flareon is a good Raid boss for trainers to target in Pokemon GO.

Flareon is the Fire-type among the eight evolutions of Eevee. With 206 Attack and access to Overheat, this Raid boss can certainly pack a punch. Thankfully, though, there are plenty of counters to this evolution, some of which are very accessible and most trainers should have.

How can trainers beat this Fire-type Pokemon in quick time?


Flareon is a pure Fire-type, which means that trainers should be looking for these weaknesses to exploit: Water, Rock and Ground. Any Pokemon with these types that deal high DPS should beat Flareon in this Raid.

Looking at the rankings for Flareon counters, Water-types seem to be the most prevalent. The number 1 ranked counter is Mega Blastoise, who can beat this raid in 327.6 seconds with Water Gun and Hydro Cannon.

Speaking of Hydro Cannon, any Water-types with this move will be great counters against Flareon. This is because it’s an incredibly powerful attack that only takes up half of the energy bar, so trainers can likely use it twice in a short time span.

Hydro Cannon is exclusive to the Water-type starters from the first five generations. Due to this, Shadow Swampert and Shadow Feraligatr are ranked numbers 2 and 4 respectively for best Flareon counters.

Not far behind are the regular versions of Swampert and Samurott, the latter of which received Hydro Cannon on a Community Day a couple months ago. Hopefully most trainers have at least one of these Pokemon, and they all do fine against Flareon.

Samurott with Hydro Cannon is a great Flareon counter (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Samurott with Hydro Cannon is a great Flareon counter (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Outside of Water-types, Rock-types seem to be the best alternative. Several Rock-types deal tons of DPS and, therefore, can quickly beat Flareon. Examples of these would be Rampardos, Terrakion and Rhyperior, all of which appear in the top 30 Raid counter rankings.

The key to choosing Rock-types against Flareon is looking for the combination of Smack Down and Rock Slide. Smack Down is very punishing for a quick move, and Rock Slide has a low energy cost as well as dealing good damage.

The only exception to this would be Mega Aerodactyl, who uses Rock Throw and Rock Slide. Given the fact that it’s incredibly strong, trainers should definitely bring a Mega Aerodactyl here if they have one.

Ground-type tend to lag behind Water-types and Rock-types when it comes to winning against Flareon. There are certainly a handful, though, that can put a dent on Flareon’s health, including Garchomp and both forms of Landorus.


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