How to change your username in Pokemon GO

Various images of Pokemon GO's user interface (Image via Niantic)
Various images of Pokemon GO's user interface (Image via Niantic)
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With many new Pokemon GO players playing the game since its launch back in 2016, there is undoubtedly a large group of players that have grown to regret picking the username they have now. Luckily, Niantic has given players the opportunity to change their username a limited number of times per account.

With every online game comes the addition of screen names. Screen names or usernames are the names players will see each other as in-game. Various online games and services use this as a means to protect the identity of their users.

With this name being a representation of the user, a lot of people want to change this name as they feel like their previous screen name no longer represents them as a person or they simply just don't like it.

Navigating Pokemon GO's settings menu to change a username

Pokemon GO's Settings Menu (Image via Niantic)
Pokemon GO's Settings Menu (Image via Niantic)

In Pokemon GO, Niantic provides players with a fairly simple way to change their screen name. Thanks to the easy-to-navigate user interface, players should not have too much difficulty finding the profile option to change their username.

Players can open Pokemon GO's settings menu by pressing the Pokeball icon in the map view. After doing this, 4 options denoted by white buttons will be on the screen. Players will want to ignore these options and turn their attention to the top right side of the screen. Players should see a "Settings" option.


After opening the settings menu, players will want to scroll down until they find the "Account" section. This will be located under the "Raid Logging" and the "Poke Ball Plus" options.

From there, players will see a button that says "Change Nickname". After selecting this option, a small disclaimer window will appear reminding the player that the profile name can only be changed a limited number of times.

After pressing "OK" in the disclaimer window, players will be free to change the account name associated with their Pokemon GO account. While this is a very simple way to change the screen name on their Pokemon GO account, players should keep in mind that this method can only be used a few times.

Players looking to change their nickname in Pokemon GO should think carefully before confirming their new screen name on the app.

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