Pokemon GO: How to evolve Spritzee

Spritzee and its evolution Aromatisse (Image via Niantic)
Spritzee and its evolution Aromatisse (Image via Niantic)
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A small Fairy-type Pokemon introduced to Pokemon GO on May 4, 2021 during the Luminous Legends X event, Spritzee is a Kalos region Pokemon themed around perfume.


Having recently had a Spotlight Hour dedicated to it, many Pokemon GO trainers are likely looking forward to evolving Spritzee to its evolved form Armoatisse. After a Spotlight Hour, there's no doubt that players will likely have the 50 candies to evolve Spritzee. However, there's one additional catch to evolving this particular Pokemon. Trainers will need to use an incense item while Spritzee is their buddy Pokemon in addition to feeding the Pokemon 50 candies. Fortunately, this isn't too difficult of a task.

Pokemon GO: Obtaining incense for Spritzee

Incense is fortunately not very rare in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)
Incense is fortunately not very rare in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)

The good news for Pokemon GO trainers hoping to evolve Spritzee is that incense isn't difficult to get a hold of. For some trainers, it may be somewhat more difficult, but the item always finds a way to end up in a determined player's inventory eventually. The simplest way to obtain incense is by purchasing it from the in-game shop. This costs Pokecoins, and they can be earned from activities such as gym defense or by using real-world money in microtransactions.

Depending on a player's trainer level, they may be close to receiving incense as a level-up reward. Trainers receive one incense as a reward at levels 5, 7, 10, 15, 25, and 35. Furthermore, at level 20, they receive two incenses. At level 30 and 40, trainers will obtain three and four incenses respectively. If trainers don't want to spend Pokecoins on incense, leveling up may not be a bad way to obtain the incense they need.


As a final measure, incense is sometimes awarded for the completion of Special Research Tasks. Since Niantic is introducing additional Special Research on a regular basis, Pokemon GO trainers may want to complete these tasks if they haven't already. By doing so, it's possible to rack up several incenses in a short time depending on what the research tasks ask of the player.

Although incense is far from the easiest item to receive in-game, players should be able to pick up one or two of the item just through natural gameplay progression. If all else fails, it may just be more convenient to spend real-world currency and buy one from the shop.

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