Pokemon GO: Mega Ampharos raid counters and weaknesses for August 2021

Image via Game Freak
Image via Game Freak

Mega Ampharos might look very threatening, but thankfully, it’s not very difficult to counter in Pokemon GO.

What makes Mega Ampharos so scary is its Attack stat: it’s 298. That’s higher than heavy hitters like Salamence and Landorus Therian Forme. Without a resistance to it, Mega Ampharos can simply overwhelm teams with its premier Electric-type moves.

The saving grace for trainers who want to beat Mega Ampharos, though, is that it’s also Dragon-type, giving them many other type weaknesses to exploit. Here are the main ways trainers can win out against Mega Ampharos.

Which Pokemon are best at exploiting Mega Ampharos' weaknesses?


The biggest weakness that trainers can exploit against Mega Ampharos is its poor moveset. It doesn’t have easy access to any Dragon-type moves. The only one it ever received was Dragon Pulse, but it was through a Community Day, so it’s doubtful it would carry that move in a raid battle.

Since it likely won’t have a Dragon move, though, this means that opposing Dragons sit in front of it unthreatened. Also, it just so happens that Dragon-types have the quickest time to win against Mega Ampharos.

Looking through all available Pokemon, the best counter to Mega Ampharos is Shadow Dragonite. This Pokemon has a massive Attack stat and can spam Dragon Tail until it charges up Outrage for a quick win. Shadow Salamence is right behind Shadow Dragonite as a Mega Ampharos counter for similar reasons.

Even discounting Shadow Pokemon, Dragons are still the quickest options to beat Mega Ampharos with. Garchomp is a great counter since it is a triple resistance to Electric moves. Haxorus and Mega Charizard X are also good counters, as well as Palkia who became a raid boss through the Ultra Unlock.

For trainers who don’t have any Dragons on them, Fairy-types are also quite good in this raid due to the all-powerful Charm spam. Both Gardevoir and Togekiss defeat Mega Ampharos in a decent amount of time, although the latter takes damage from Electric moves.

Ground Pokemon also do well here, as they do against all Electric-types. Mamoswine has the benefit of using both STAB moves for super effective damage, although the quickest way to beat Mega Ampharos would be using Mud Slap and Avalanche.

Rhyperior and Excadrill also destroy Mega Ampharos easily.

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