The best moveset for Gardevoir in Pokemon GO

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company
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Gardevoir is arguably the best Fairy-type Pokemon found with Pokemon GO.

Prior to the introduction of the Fair-type category, Gardevoir and its evolutionary line were pure Psychic-types. Now, with a dual typing, this Pokemon has some immense power behind it.


It is a bit of a glass cannon in PVP battles, however. That means it can deal out some incredible power, but it won't take too much for it to be dealt with either. Having the best moveset for Gardevoir in Pokemon GO can make sure it remains on the battlefield and stays useful.

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The best moveset for Gardevoir in Pokemon GO

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

Pokemon in Pokemon GO attack differently when they are AI controlled compared to being controlled by the player. Those left to defend a Gym ignore attack speeds and simply attack every two seconds.

That sometimes calls for different movesets depending on where the trainer wants to use the Pokemon. Gardevoir is part of that in Pokemon GO, as its best offensive moveset is slightly different than its best offensive moveset.


  • Fast Attack: Confusion
  • Charged Attack: Psychic

Offense refers to a player controlled Gardevoir in Pokemon GO. This goes for Raid battles, Gym battles, and PVP battles like those in the GO Battle League. For the Fast Attack, players should opt for Confusion. It does 15 DPS and gains 7.5 Energy per second in PVP battles.

Psychic, like Confusion, will be a very powerful STAB move for Gardevoir. This Charged Attack does 90 base damage and only costs 50 Energy to use. Psychic will do massive supereffective damage against Fighting and Poison-types.


  • Fast Attack: Confusion
  • Charged Attack: Dazzling Gleam

Defense refers to a Gardevoir left to defend a Pokemon GO Gym. The change in attacking does not affect the Fast Attack. Confusion will remain, giving Gardevoir a Same Type Attack Bonus, and a solid move to gather Energy with.

That Energy will not be put toward Psychic while defending a Gym, however. The Charged Attack will instead be Dazzling Gleam, a Fairy-type move that is supereffective against Fighting, Dragon, and Dark-types. This is another 50 Energy attack, but covers the Dark-type Pokemon that will more than likely be sent out to weaken it.

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