Pokemon GO player reports that Lake Trio shiny rates from Remote Raids were likely nerfed

Sinnoh's lake trio as seen in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Data from a crowd-sourced Japanese website purportedly support claims that Niantic has nerfed the most recent raids in Pokemon GO even further. The nerf has seemingly only hit the shiny-hunting side of the mobile game's community, but many players are upset about it and have taken to Reddit to share their thoughts on the matter.

Each member of the Sinnoh Lake Trio can only appear in certain areas. Expecting trainers to travel across the world in a single content rotation and catch all of these Legendary Pokemon to complete their Pokedex is entirely unrealistic. Players need to resort to the remote raiding feature to more realistically obtain each of these creatures.

With remote raiding being the only way most Pokemon GO trainers can get these Pocket Monsters, it is disappointing to hear that Niantic is making these types of raids obsolete for those who play the mobile game to hunt for shiny variants.

A Redditor with the username Teban54 recently posted about Pokemon GO's latest nerf in a post titled, "Lake Trio shiny rates from Remote Raids may have been nerfed, according to crowd-sourced data from Japanese website."

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Reddit reacts to nerfed shiny odds in Pokemon GO

The standard shiny odds for finding a Shiny Legendary Pokemon through a Raid Battle in Pokemon GO is one in every 20 raids. However, after analyzing recently collected data from the community, it was discovered that the shiny chances for the Azelf and Mesprit raids were around 1/126 and 1/64.

Since these raids are the first and seemingly the only ones to possess this slight change in shiny odds, many players are unsure as to what this could mean for the future of the game. If Niantic has decided to nerf shiny odds for raids done remotely, this could very well mark the company's next step toward disabling the feature altogether.

With news of this unannounced change to remote raiding being made public to users on the Silph Road subreddit, many players are expressing their outrage at the multi-million dollar company. Not announcing this change is considered to be a below-the-belt punch to players who participate in these raids to find Shiny Pokemon.

Niantic is rigging their raids by promising Shiny Pokemon at a 1/20 odd, only to spike up the raids to get the dedicated hunters to drop more and more money on raid passes, with the mindset that they will be well-rewarded. This is the same psychology behind gambling, which is becoming more frowned upon in the gaming industry.

While this is a truly heartbreaking development, it does not surprise many Pokemon GO players, especially since Niantic revealed that Elite Raids are a way to collect more location data to sell to advertisers.

Sadly for those unhappy with Niantic's latest nerf, there is nothing they can do if the company decides to keep the change.

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