Pokemon GO: Virizion raid counters for November 2021

Virizion in a Pokemon movie (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Virizion in a Pokemon movie (Image via The Pokemon Company)
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From 5 November 2021 till 16 November 2021, Pokemon GO will be rotating Virizion in five-star raids.

Trainers will not only be able to battle the Grass/Fighting-type Virizion during this period, but also the its Legendary counterparts, Terrakion and Cobalion. The shiny variant of Virizion will be making appearances in raids, so players should be sure to participate if they want a chance at catching it.

Of course, Pokemon GO fans need to know Virizion's weaknesses and the best counters to use against it before entering the battle with this raid boss.

Pokemon GO Raid Guide: Virizion's weaknesses, resistances, and best counters


The Legendary Virizion makes for a challenging raid boss in Pokemon GO. This dual Grass/Fighting-type rocks some solid stats in all three categories: 192 in Attack, 209 in Stamina, and 229 in Defense.

Virizion's strengths and weaknesses as a Fighting/Grass-type Pokemon

Due to its assigned type, the Legendary Virizion is susceptible to six different kinds of Pokemon. However, the raid boss is also resistant to six other types of Pocket Monster attacks.

Virizion is weak against the following kinds of Pokemon types:

  • Fairy
  • Ice
  • Flying
  • Fire
  • Psychic
  • Poison

On the other hand, players should note that Virizion is resistant against these types of opponents:

  • Dark
  • Electric
  • Grass
  • Ground
  • Rock
  • Water
A shiny version of Virizion in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)
A shiny version of Virizion in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)

The best counters to use against Virizion in Pokemon GO

Below players can see the best Pocket Monsters to send into battle when facing Virizion in five-star raids.

Mega Pidgeot: More-so than other types that Virizion is weak against, the Legendary is especially vulnerable when up against Flying-types. Pokemon GO trainers with a Mega Pidgeot can expect to deal massive damage in this raid if the bird knows the attacks Gust and Brave Bird.

Moltres: When it comes to Legendary raid bosses, oftentimes players will stand a better chance of winning if they bring their own Legendary to battle. Moltres is the perfect candidate in this case, as it will wreak havoc on Virizion if it uses the moves Wing Attack and Sky Attack.

Honchkrow: Although this Pokemon is partially a Dark-type and Virizion has a resistance to Dark-type attacks, Honchkrow still makes for an excellent counter if it utilizes only Flying-type moves. The best moveset in this scenario is Peck paired with Sky Attack.

Ho-Oh: Another Legendary Pokemon that is perfectly suited for this raid is the dual Fire/Flying-type, Ho-Oh. This one takes advantage of two of Virizion's weaknesses. Ho-Oh will demolish the raid boss if it's equipped with Incinerate and Brave Bird.

Staraptor: This Normal/Flying-type is a bit easier for players of all skill levels to acquire than some of the other counters listed above. Staraptor will do best against Virizion if it knows the Flying-type moves Wing Attack and Brave Bird.

@PokemonGoApp Why is nobody talking about Virizion and Terrakion finally getting Sacred Sword? That's nice, IMO.

In order for the raid to end with a successful outcome, Pokemon GO trainers should bring several of the above-listed Pocket Monsters to battle. If a player doesn't happen to have these exact ones, their best bet would be to enter the raid with Pokemon that are assigned one of the types that Virizion is vulnerable to.

Pokemon GO players who plan on fighting Virizion in five-star raids would be wise to invite a few friends to join the battle alongside them. After the raid boss is defeated, trainers will get a chance to catch the Legendary Pokemon and add it to their roster.

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