Pokemon Scarlet and Violet storylines guide: Victory Road, Path of Legends, and Starfall Street

Through the course of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, a trio of stories will be available for players to tackle (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Through the course of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, a trio of stories will be available for players to tackle (Image via The Pokemon Company)

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, aspiring Pokemon trainers will be enrolled in a special school. This insititution will set players on a special assignment, known as a “Treasure Hunt”. The world is 'a treasure', and it’s up to players to figure out what they want to do and how they want to accomplish it.

Unlike previous Pokemon games, Scarlet and Violet will give players a trio of very important, fleshed-out storylines to go through. They do not have to pick one or the other and are free to explore the game at their own speed.

The Paldea region is filled with many wonders, surprises, and secrets, and it’s up to the trainers of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to figure out what they want to do and where they want to go. Here is what each of the storylines in the game offers.


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s “Victory Road” story is the classic Pokemon journey

When it comes to Pokemon games, the “Victory Road” storyline is likely going to be the one most familiar to veteran players. As expected, the ultimate goal is to tackle the game's eight gyms, overcome their leaders, and finally go through Victory Road.

At the end of Victory Road, players will find the Pokemon League headquarters. Nemona suggests that the player has what it takes to become a Champion. After speaking to her about it, players can then begin seeking out Pokemon Gyms.


Currently, little is known about the “Champion Assessment”, but it will be taken on after all eight gyms have been defeated. This will be performed at the Pokemon League headquarters, where the champion will be crowned.

However, before a player can challenge a gym leader, they will have to complete a Gym Test. These are unique to each gym and will help players understand more about the gym leaders themselves.

So far, only two Pokemon gym leaders have been revealed so far. Brassius was recently shown off with his Smoliv and Sudowoodo, and is a master of grass-type Pokemon. In earlier Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailers, the icy Grusha was also revealed.

Grusha is one of eight gym leaders that players will have to overcome (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Grusha is one of eight gym leaders that players will have to overcome (Image via The Pokemon Company)

A former snowboarder, Grusha is now the gym leader of Glaseado. He’s known to have a powerful Cetitan, but no other information is available. Additionally, there’s also the Pokemon League Chairwoman, Geeta. Despite her flashy appearance, the character is yet another mystery to fans. Is she the Pokemon League champion? Or something else?

Mystic Herbs await on the “Path of Legends” storyline

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Arven is looking for herbal recipes to aid in healing Pokemon, searching for something known as Herba Mystica. It is rumored that eating these will immediately restore health, making them highly desired.

However, these Mystic Herbs aren’t just going to be lying about like regular items. They are incredibly rare and will be guarded by humongous versions of Pokemon, known as Titan Pokemon. Several of these Titan Pokemon have already been sighted, offering a relatively clear course for the storyline.


Conveniently, Arven’s not a very good Pokemon battler, so the player will have to do most of the heavy lifting. Success will result in players receiving hand-made dishes from Arven himself, not to mention some truly epic battles.

So far, only one of these Titans has been officially revealed in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and it was a Titan version of Klawf. It certainly promises to be a wild adventure that sends Pokemon trainers to the farthest reaches of the region.

Beat up the Team Star delinquents in “Starfall Street”

In a recent Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer, fans got to see the next “Team” that they will have to deal with in the upcoming video game. Fortunately, Team Star doesn’t appear to be trying to take over the world or completely rid the planet of land/water.

Instead, Team Star is similar to Sun and Moon’s “Team Yell”. They are delinquents and troublemakers, being the most rebellious members of the Pokemon school the player attends. Similar to Pokemon gyms, Team Star has bases scattered all over the Paldean region.

In fact, players have already been treated to a tease of one of them: Mela, the Fire Boss of Team Star. It’s also worth noting that their outfits will change, depending on what version of the game players own.


Players will have to engage in a series of double battles, leading up to a boss fight. Each of these bosses will fight players atop their own Starmobiles, which are large flashy vehicles. Currently, it's even implied that players may have to fight the Starmobiles as well, but that has yet to be officially confirmed.

This is what is currently known about the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet storylines, and what players will be tasked with in each of them. More secrets and surprises are undoubtedly still on the way, but these are the stories that await would-be trainers in the upcoming Pokemon video games.

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