Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Where to get Metal Coat

The Metal Coat item can be easily obtained in Scarlet & Violet (Images via The Pokemon Company/Quick Tips YouTube)
The Metal Coat item can be easily obtained in Scarlet & Violet (Images via The Pokemon Company/Quick Tips YouTube)

During their exploration of the massive Paldea region, Pokemon Scarlet & Viiolet fans are bound to make new discoveries. The lands are teeming with not only a wide variety of creatures, but also challenges and goodies to be discovered. Metal Coat is one of the many items that players may come across.

This peculiar item serves as both a Held Item and a means of evolving a specific Pokemon. Here's how players can get their hands on it.

Here's how to get the Metal Coat in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Scyther controls the show, I am nothing but her puppet. Made a bug encounter sandwhich and got this shiny full odds scyther within 5 minutes ✨ I wanted a shiny Scizor for my false swipe catching mon and was blessed. #PokemonScarlet

Trainers will come across many dropped items and others lying on the ground to be picked up as they explore the various biomes of Paldea (in the form of a Pokeball). Because many of these item spawns are random, they may spawn a Metal Coat. This method, however, is somewhat unreliable.

There are two other ways to ensure a sure-fire turnout:

  • Delibird Presents Shop: Located in the city of Levincia, this shop has a number of items on sale. Visit it to find the Metal Coat for 3000 Pokedollars.
  • Porto Marinada Auction: Once players have beaten the Cascarrafa Gym, the AUction at Porto Marinada will be unlocked. Here players can bid for a bunch of random items which can include the Metal Coat

The Metal Coat boosts the power of Steel-type moves when held by a Pokemon. This makes it a great fit for Pokemon with Steel-based movesets like Lucario and Magnezone. Since having the same type of moves as the Pokemon's type boosts the move's effectiveness (thanks to a mechanic called Same-Type Attack Bonus or STAB), the Metal Coat further improves it.

However, there is one other use for the Metal Coat. It can be used to evolve the Bug/Flying-type Scyther into the Bug/Steel-type Scizor. To do so, players should give the Scyther the Metal Coat to hold and then trade it with a friend. This process will evolve it into Scizor once it has reached the other party. Since this can be done at any level, players can evolve their Scyther as soon as they get their hands on a Metal Coat.

What new elements does Scarlet & Violet bring to the table?

The world of Pokémon has evolved ❤️ 💜 Immerse yourself in Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet, the first open-world RPGs in the Pokémon series!Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet are now available:…

Ushering in Generation 9 in the long-running monster-catcher RPG series, Scarlet & Violet mark a big shift in its design philosophy. Here are the notable changes introduced by developer Game Freak for fans to enjoy:

  • True open-wold environment: Set in the region of Paldea, the series goes fullyopen-world for the first time ever in a mainline entry. There are many areas to explore, from calm beaches and lush meadows to icy tundras and scorching deserts. Transitions between cities adn the wilderness is seamless and wild Pokemon behave more organicaly than ever before.
  • Terastalization: This new mechanic grants Pokemon an additional type known as Tera-type. This is indicated by a crystalline form and designs representing that element atop the creature's head.
  • Let's Go: Trainer's monsters cna now be sent out in the open to automatically fight wild creatures and earn XP without having to oversee their every move

Scarlet & Violet are available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch platform.

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