Pokemon Unite Comfey guide: Best movesets, builds, items, and more

Official artwork for Comfey in Pokemon Unite (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Official artwork for Comfey in Pokemon Unite (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Comfey is the newest playable critter to be added in Pokemon Unite. As such, many players will want to know how they can best use this creature to take advantage of its strengths whilst mitigating its weaknesses. With so many different combinations of items and moves to choose from, it can seem overwhelming to newer players whenever a new Pokemon is added.

Being the first MOBA game for the franchise, Unite can serve as a great entry point for the fans. However, this can also lead to an influx of players who may find themselves struggling to keep up with the title's ever-changing meta.

Since the game offers very little in terms of new player-friendly tips and interfaces, it can be greatly discouraging to users who might thus refrain from giving Unite a chance.

Thankfully, with a little help and a push in the right direction, players can easily decimate the competition with a bit of practice. With Comfey being the newest character to be introduced in Pokemon Unite, it may be the easiest to carry entire teams with thanks to its relative lack of balance that many new creatures have when they are first released.

Tips for using Comfey in Pokemon Unite

Comfey as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Comfey as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)

In the main series, Comfey is known for being one of the best creatures that one can have on their playthrough team thanks to its access to tons of healing moves and its Triage ability. For this reason, Comfey is in the support role for Pokemon Unite. Having access to healing and ally buffing moves, players can make a huge impact in close team fights.

For this reason, players can get the most value from playing Comfey in Pokemon Unite by playing in a duo lane. The bottom lane heavily favors the playstyle of having a support and a damage character, so this is where they should focus on running Comfey. The Pokemon pairs greatly with characters that can take risky all-ins like Lucario or Tsareena.

For an optimal moveset, players should prioritize moves that heal their teammates. The moveset that sees the highest success and pick rate is Floral Healing and Magical Leaf. This combination helps Comfey's laning partner by stunning opponents with Magical Leaf and restoring health with Floral Healing.


In terms of an optimal item build, trainers should take a somewhat typical support spread. The Buddy Barrier, EXP Share, and Wise Glasses each provide their own helpful benefits, while covering a fair number of different scenarios to provide for a balanced playstyle.

The Slow Smoke is the battle item that should be taken to help provide another type of support in the form of debuffing enemies in a given area.

Comfey should avoid fighting at all costs. It lacks the base stats or moves to deal any kind of meaningful damage on its own as it can easily get destroyed if the player using Comfey is caught. For this reason, it does not have any winning 1v1 matchups in Pokemon Unite.

Comfey is the easiest support character to play as it only requires players to stick to their laning partner to heal and buff them. Thanks to its unique passive effect in Pokemon Unite, the creature can attach itself to any teammate the player picks, much like Yuumi from League of Legends.

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