Pokemon Unite Mew guide: Best movesets, builds, items, and more

Mew is the newest addition to Pokemon Unite
Mew is the newest addition to Pokemon Unite's playable roster (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Arriving as Pokemon Unite's newest Unite License, Mew has brought an interesting twist to the game's playable roster. At the moment, the Pokemon forebear is very popular in the current meta due to its ability to play the role of an attacker as well as a support unit when necessary.


In Pokemon Unite, Mew operates as a ranged attacker that focuses its damage through the Special Attack stat instead of raw physical power. However, some trainers have debated what the ideal moveset, loadout, and more for Mew are.

While there may not be a perfect build for the rare Pokemon, there is certainly a way to upgrade it up for high offensive output. Below, Pokemon Unite trainers can find an excellent build for dealing great damage with Mew.

Building Mew for increased offensive output in Pokemon Unite

Mew is the first of three new Pokemon being introduced in September (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Mew is the first of three new Pokemon being introduced in September (Image via The Pokemon Company)

As a Special Attack fighter in Pokemon Unite, Mew benefits significantly from items, held items, and Boost Emblems that enhance its Special Attack even more. Cooldown reduction is also a plus, as the Pokemon will want to use its attacks as often as possible to deal combo damage to its targets.

With the right build, Mew can perform well as an attacker from either lane in a Unite Battle or even as a jungler. Players can tweak the build to fit their playstyle, though they'll likely want to lean heavily into Special Attack to keep their damage output high.

Offense-Heavy Build for Mew

  • Held Items - Wise Glasses, Choice Specs, and Shell Bell
  • Battle Item - X Attack
  • Boost Emblem Color Combinations - Six Green Emblems, seven Black Emblems. Prioritize HP, Special Attack, and Movement Speed Buffs. Free negative stats include Attack and Critical Hit Rate.
  • Moveset - Solar Beam + Light Screen: Solar Beam provides Mew with the ability to snipe targets from afar, much like Venusaur, to the point where it can single-shot weaker targets at higher levels. Light Screen offers substantial utility value, giving the Pokemon the ability to combo off its damaging move, isolate opponents and team fights, and save allies when appropriate.

With this build, Mew's Special Attack stat should give it the ability to melt enemy attackers and speedsters in Pokemon Unite. That said, the creature may have a harder time with higher-health defenders and supporters, and trainers using Mew should be highly wary of crowd control. However, the movement speed boosts from the Boost Emblem configuration should assist trainers in staying away from compromising situations where they can be heavily crowd-controlled and focused on.

In the event Pokemon Unite trainers opt to use Mew in the jungle, X Attack can still serve them well in performing ganks and poking opponents out of a lane. However, if trainers want to quickly collect red and blue buffs, they can always opt for Fluffy Tail as a substitute.

Like many other attackers, Mew also benefits from the use of Eject button to get it out of danger, and the movement speed buffs should improve its escapability even further, especially in the event Mew is targeted for a gank.

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