All Raid Bosses in Pokemon GO (March 2022)

Various Raid Spots as they appear in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic/Pokemon GO Hub)
Various Raid Spots as they appear in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic/Pokemon GO Hub)
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Raids have been a massive part of Pokemon GO since the game was released in July 2016. The mechanic gave players a great way to catch some of the rarest Pokemon in the franchise while working with some of their friends to take on a challenging boss. This mechanic even carried over to the main series.

With well over 800 Pokemon for players to collect, there will be a special select few that can only be found in these Raid Battles. Legendary Pokemon and Mythical Pokemon are some of the most desirable Pokemon players can find in the game and are constantly cycling through the 5-Star Raid spot.

With the cycle of Raid Bosses changing so often, players need to be aware of the Raid schedule. Knowing the schedule for future Raid Battles can help players make plans for when to go out and challenge a boss. Knowing the Raid schedule is also great for keeping friends updated on the game.

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Pokemon GO's Raid Bosses for March 2022

Splash art for Raid Battles in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)
Splash art for Raid Battles in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)

As of March 13, 2022, players can challenge 11 different Raid Bosses in Pokemon GO. This includes One, Three, 5, and Mega Raids. A few of these different bosses include new Pokemon added during the Season of Alola, such as the Legendary Pokemon, Tapu Koko, and the Rock-type Pokemon, Rockruff.

A large catalog of Pokemon can be encountered for possible One-Star Raid Bosses. Bellsprout, the Grass and Poison-type Pokemon from Kanto, can be found along with Snubbull and Phanpy from Johto. Electrike, the Electric-type from Hoenn, can be seen as well. Finally, Rockruff can be encountered.

For possible Three-Star Raid Bosses, a slightly smaller list of four Pokemon can be found currently in the mobile game. Pokemon from the Kanto region like the Fairy-type Wigglytuff and the Ground and Poison-type Nidoqueen can be seen. Alolan Graveler and Raichu can also be fought in Raid Battles.


The Five-Star Raid Boss slot most commonly goes to Legendary or Mythical Pokemon. Currently, Tapu Koko, the Electric and Fairy-type Legendary Pokemon and Guardian of Alola's Melemele Island, is the mobile game's Five-Star Raid Boss. Players looking to challenge it should bring powerful Ground and Poison-types.

Finally, the Mega Raid slot is currently occupied by Mega Venusaur. This powerful new evolution of the first generation classic is known for giving its challengers a run for their money due to its great defensive typing and massive bulk. Players looking to take on Mega Venusaur should bring their strongest Fire and Psychic-types.

Pokemon GO is well-known for having constant updates that keep the game fresh. One of the most ever-changing features of the game is its roster of available Raid Bosses. This list comprises of the current Raid Bosses players can expect to find in the overworld at the various Gym Spots that occasionally host Raid Battles.

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