Pokemon GO June 2023 mysterious Mega Raid Boss reportedly leaked

Mega Sableye will reportedly appear in June 2023 (Image via Pokemon GO)
Mega Sableye will reportedly appear in June 2023 (Image via Pokemon GO)

With the June 2023 content roadmap revealed for Pokemon GO, trainers around the world can now learn about all the 5-star Raid, Mega Raid, and Shadow Raid Bosses. Those who came across the schedule will have noticed that the final Mega Raid Boss was not revealed. It is now reported that Niantic has mistakenly shared which mysterious Pokemon it is.

This month's Mega Raid schedules goes as follows:

  • Mega Swampert [shiny encounter will be available] - June 1 to June 15
  • Mega Sceptile [shiny encounter will be available] - June 15 to June 29
  • Unknown [shiny encounter will be available] - June 29 to July 6

Who is reportedly the mysterious Mega Raid Boss in Pokemon GO in June 2023?

Shared by the well-known Pokemon GO dataminers PokeMiners on their Twitter handle, the post states that the developers behind the popular AR title themselves divulged the unknown Mega Raid Boss "in the website's data." The data is as follows:

  • "raidStarLevel": "Mega"
  • "eventType": "Raids"
  • "startDate": "2023-06-29"
  • "desc": "Mega Raids: Mega Sableye"

According to the details above, Mega Sableye will reportedly make its debut in Pokemon GO on June 29. Sableye, also known as Darkness Pokemon, is a dual-type Pocket Monster boasting a Dark and Ghost combination. It was introduced back in Generation III.

The Pocket Monster features a distinctive purple body and gemstone-esque aesthetics. In the mainline series, it can Mega Evolve by utilizing Sablenite. Sableye and its shiny variant debuted in the mobile title on October 20, 2017, as part of Halloween 2017.

Trainers can also get a hold of Shadow Sableye, which first appeared on October 17, 2019, as part of that year's Halloween festivities. If the recently revealed information is to be believed, Pokemon GO trainers will be able to encounter Mega Sableye in Gyms in less than a month's time in Hidden Gems.

The event schedule for June 2023 is as follows:

  • Searching for Gold Research Day - June 3
  • Water Festival: Beach Week - June 6 to June 12
  • Water Festival: Beach Week Spotlight Hour - June 6
  • June Community Day - June 10
  • Solstice Horizons + TGR Takeover - June 16 to June 25
  • Dark Flames - June 29 to July 2

In the matter of Raids, Pokemon GO trainers will also see Shadow Articuno in Shadow Raids. Furthermore, Shiny Nihilego will also make its first appearance in-game later this month as part of 5-star Raids.

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