Shiny Azumarill does not appear in Three-Star Raids in Pokemon GO

Azumarill as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Azumarill as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Lukus Herblet

Azumarill is one of the most highly sought-after Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Its exceptional performance in the game's competitive Great League makes it a must-have Pokemon for any player. With its sudden appearance in Three-Star Raids, players have their chance to add one to their Pokemon collection as well.

While many players want to catch Azumarill to use it in battle, a certain community of players may wish to get a hold of the Pokemon for other reasons. The Shiny hunting community for Pokemon GO is comprised of a large group of players who make it their objective to catch every rare, Shiny variant of every Pokemon in the game.

However, unlike in the main series, not every Shiny Pokemon is available in Niantic's mobile game. With this in mind, it is not uncommon for players to need to do a little bit of research before engaging in a hunt for a specific Shiny Pokemon. So in the case of Shiny Azumarill, how can players find one?

Alternate ways to obtain Shiny Azumarill in Pokemon GO

A Shiny Azumarill in Pokemon Sword and Shield (Image via The Pokemon Company)
A Shiny Azumarill in Pokemon Sword and Shield (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Unfortunately, players will be unable to find Shiny Azumarill currently in Three-Star Raid Battles. While it is unclear why Niantic does this, this does not mean Azumarill's Shiny variant is absent from the game. This means that players may have to dedicate more time when pursuing a Shiny Azumarill in Pokemon GO.

This means that players will need to get lucky when encountering an Azumarill or any of its pre-evolved forms in the wild. Azumarill has two pre-evolved forms: Azurill and Marill. These Pokemon will be much more common for players to encounter as fully evolved Pokemon are some of the rarest Pokemon to find outside of Raids.

However, out of the two Pokemon, players may have the hardest time catching Azurill, the base form of this evolutionary family. Baby Pokemon like Azurill, Pichu, and Magby are almost exclusively found via hatching eggs. Azurill has the potential to be found in either 5 kilometer eggs or 7 kilometer eggs.


When it comes to finding Marill, the most common of the evolutionary family, there are some useful tips to keep in mind. Marill is a Water and Fairy-type Pokemon. Like every other Pokemon in Pokemon GO, weather plays a large role in when and where it can spawn. Marill spawns mostly in cloudy and rainy weather.

Another useful tip for finding Marill is by using consumable items like Incenses and Lures. These items can be earned from research tasks, bought in the shop, or found in player-given gifts. Incenses work by attaching themselves to the player upon activation and increasing the general spawn rate of Pokemon around them.

Lures work the same way, but there are a few key differences. For starters, Lures work by attaching to Pokestops or Gyms. The second key difference is that their effect is active for every player in the area rather than just the player using it, like Incenses do. Using these items in tandem helps maximize spawn rates in Pokemon GO.

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