The best auto catcher in Pokemon GO

Official imagery for the Pokemon GO Plus accessory (Image via Niantic)
Official imagery for the Pokemon GO Plus accessory (Image via Niantic)

Auto catchers have been a part of Pokemon GO since the game's beginning, starting with the Pokemon GO Plus wristband released alongside the application. A game as grind-heavy as Niantic's Pokemon mobile game is bound to release a few methods to make catching Pokemon and receiving items easier. With the blueprints for such devices laid out by the GO Plus accessory, third parties began to produce their own versions of the device.

In the modern era of the game, players have many options for choices regarding the auto catcher. While each auto catcher is unique in many ways, they function very similarly.

Many players may choose not to use an auto catcher; some do. But these accessories really do make catching Pokemon much easier, with most having the added bonus of spinning Pokestops and Gyms automatically as well. So which of the available auto catchers is the absolute best?

GO-tcha Evolve: How it works with Pokemon GO and where to buy one

Official imagery for the GO-tcha Evolve (Image via Datel Ltd.)
Official imagery for the GO-tcha Evolve (Image via Datel Ltd.)

GO-tcha is the most well-known name in the community of Pokemon GO. This brand is known for its high quality and consistency with its models, ultimately leading up to what many would consider to be the best possible option for auto catchers: The GO-tcha Evolve. But how can players get their hands on one?

Currently, the easiest way interested consumers can get their hands on one of these devices is by purchasing one via online shopping sites like Amazon. This and other similar accessories have also been reported to be sold in stores like Gamestop, Target, and Walmart. This model of the device can typically be purchased for $60 USD.

These devices work identically to the original Pokemon GO Plus accessory by being connected to the player's device via a Bluetooth connection. Players can connect their accessory first from their mobile device's Bluetooth settings menu before connecting it to the game via an option in the game's settings menu.


The main difference between the GO-tcha line of devices compared to the standard GO Plus accessory is the GO-tcha's miniature touchscreen. This device is also powered by a small, rechargeable battery, in contrast to the watch-battery-powered GO Plus. But what if players cannot afford the GO-tcha Evolve?

With the GO-tcha Evolve becoming the most popular name in the auto catcher market, the standard GO-tcha model is becoming harder to come by. The price of the standard model differs depending on where someone decides to buy their device. From personal experience, these models are sold cheaper in department stores for $20.

While there truly is no definitive "best" device, as such a title is subjective, many players state that the GO-tcha Evolve is the best auto catcher for Pokemon GO. Players interested in getting their hands on one of these devices are encouraged to pick one up at a department store as they are on sale most of the time there.

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