The best moveset for Espeon in Pokemon GO

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic
Shane Foley

Any Pokemon GO trainer that plans on picking up an Eevee on its Community Day will definitely want to consider evolving it into the Psychic-type terror Espeon.

Pokemon GO has certainly had its share of powerful Psychic-types (Mewtwo chief among them), but Espeon has offensive capabilities that most others don’t.

With 261 Attack, it becomes stronger than behemoths like Mamoswine and Darmanitan. Of course, it pales in comparison to legendaries like Mewtwo and Latios, but Espeon is much more accessible since it only evolves from an Eevee. With this moveset, trainers will have a huge asset with Espeon by their side.

What are the better moves to equip the Pokemon Espeon with?


Despite it being very slow for a quick move, choosing Confusion over Zen Headbutt is a prudent choice for Espeon. The pokemon will certainly put its 261 Attack to good use by spamming "Confusion" early in the game.

Sadly, Zen Headbutt doesn’t really take advantage of its remarkable speed since Confusion charges a higher EPS anyways. Therefore, there is no other category that Zen Headbutt really beats Confusion in other than speed.

As for charge moves, Espeon will definitely want to run Psychic. Even though the 120 base power possessed by Future Sight might be fun to play around with, it still won’t do as much work as Psychic.

Looking at a raid like Toxicroak (which is double weak to Psychic moves), Espeon has the 4th ranked time to win if Shadow Pokemon are taken out of the equation. This only works with Psychic, though, since Espeon will only need to use Confusion 4 times to charge up the move and put Toxicroak to rest.

Espeon is also a tad bit frail, so the chances of it living long enough in a raid or PvP battle to get to use Future Sight can be low.

As for the second option, Espeon will be the lucky recipient of Shadow Ball through the Eevee Community Day. This makes Espeon like Mewtwo and Alakazam in that it’s a Psychic-type that can counter other Psychic-types.

Espeon can freely switch into these Pokemon and charge up strong Shadow Balls to knock them out.

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