The best moveset for Mega Kangaskhan in Pokemon GO

Kangaskhan as seen in the anime (Image via The Pokémon Company)
Kangaskhan as seen in the anime (Image via The Pokémon Company)

In Pokemon GO, movesets are meant to play to a Pokemon’s strengths. And with Mega Kangaskhan debuting in Pokemon Go, it’s time to revisit Pokemon’s parent of the year.

From April 29, 2022, until May 1, 2022, Mega Kangaskhan will be the star of the Mega Moment event. Players can face off against the parent-and-child duo in Mega Kangaskhan Raids. And if they manage to obtain enough Mega Energy to evolve Kangaskhan into Mega Kangaskhan, they are going to want to use its best moves during battle.

Pokemon GO: the best moveset for Mega Kangaskhan


Mega Kangaskhan’s moveset can be quite versatile. Here are the moves it can learn.

  • Low Kick: Fighting. Fast move.
  • Mud Slap: Ground. Fast move.
  • Outrage: Dragon. Charge move.
  • Earthquake: Ground. Charge move.
  • Crunch: Dark. Charge move.
  • Power-Up Punch: Fighting. Charge move.
  • Stomp: Normal. Charge move.
  • Brick Break: Fighting. Charge move.

The thing to keep in mind about Kangaskhan is that its moveset allows players to essentially build it any way they want. For example, players can play to Kangaskhan’s strength by going with Stomp, a Charge move with STAB (same-type attack bonus), and a Fast move like Mud Slap. This creates a powerful combo with high damage output and low TTFA (Time to First Activation).

An alternative moveset that has a faster TTFA but slightly lower damage output is Low Kick and Crunch. It comes at the cost of 25% less damage output, but the TTFA is half that of the other moveset for Mega Kangaskhan in Pokemon GO.

How to evolve Kangaskhan into Mega Kangaskhan


To evolve Kangaskhan into Mega Kangaskhan in Pokemon GO, players have to gather and spend Mega Energy. Mega Energy can be collected from Raid Battles, Research Tasks, and Buddy Pokemon of the same evolutionary line. For example, if you’ve evolved Kangaskhan into Mega Kangaskhan already and your Kangaskhan is a Buddy Pokemon, you’ll earn Mega Energy over time.

It’s worth noting that Mega Evolutions are temporary. Pokemon experience a Mega Evolution cooldown and can’t Mega evolve again until the timer is up. With that said, players can spend Mega Energy to reduce the cooldown, ensuring the Pokemon can Mega Evolve much sooner.

It used to be that players had to spend Mega Energy every single time to Mega Evolve a Pokemon. But now, the cost is shifted to removing the wait time. After the first time a Pokemon Mega Evolves, they can be made to evolve again — free of charge — once the cooldown ends.