The best moveset for Spritzee in Pokemon GO

Image via Game Freak
Image via Game Freak
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The Generation VI Pokemon Spritzee is coming to Pokemon GO in the Luminous Legends X event, but what moves are going to work best on it?

Spritzee is going to be one of several Fairy-type Pokemon that Niantic is adding since the first Fairy-type legendary, Xerneas, is going to be the featured Tier 5 Raid boss in the new event. This Pokemon may be a good defensive option on teams, boasting an impressive 186 Stamina. When it evolves to Aromatisse, that Stamina stat jumps up to 226. To use Spritzee well, these are the best moves to use on it.

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The best moveset for Spritzee in Pokemon GO

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

Spritzee was very fortunate when it came to attacks, because it might have access to the premier Fairy-type quick move. Charm is a Fairy-type attack that does 20 damage. This is tied with Volt Switch and Confusion for the most damaging quick move in the game. When taking STAB into account, this move does 16 DPS from Spritzee, which is phenomenal output from a quick move. It also charges 11 energy.

Deciding on which charge moves to teach Spritzee is a very easy task because, well, it only learns two. The better of these two charge moves is Thunderbolt. This is a very consistent move that does 80 damage, but only costs 50 energy. It can be nice for Spritzee to have a decent charge move option that doesn’t need to charge up maximum energy to use. This move does 33 DPS when used by Spritzee.

While it’s great that Spritzee gets access to Thunderbolt, it’s pretty unfortunate that it didn’t receive one of the better Fairy-type moves. Draining Kiss is a decent attack, but certainly doesn’t have the power that Moonblast or Play Rough has. Even when calculating STAB, Draining Kiss only does 27.7 DPS. This is well short of the 33 DPS that Thunderbolt does.

Despite the fact that it isn’t the strongest option, Draining Kiss is still useful on Spritzee, simply so that it can tackle the powerful Dragon-types and Dark-types around Pokemon GO. In fact, it would be wise for all trainers to find at least one of the new Fairy-type Pokemon, if not Spritzee, so they can have a counter against Yveltal, who will be arriving next in the Luminous Legends Y event.

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