The best moveset for Trevenant in Pokemon GO

Trevenant was first introduced in Generation VI (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Trevenant was first introduced in Generation VI (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Trevenant is one of several scary Ghost-types spawning frequently soon in Pokemon GO.

As usual, Pokemon GO is getting into the Halloween Spirit. They are celebrating Halloween Mischief, a two-part event. The second part, entitled Ghoulish Pals, will feature many Ghost-type Pokemon roaming the wild.

Among these will be Phantump, who evolves into Trevenant. This event will mark their debut in Pokemon GO, lasting until All Hallows Eve.

Which moves should this Grass-type and Ghost-type Pokemon run?


Trevenant has Sucker Punch and Shadow Claw as options for quick moves. The latter should be run for STAB, but this move doesn’t do incredibly well in PvP, where it only does six damage and charges eight energy.

Shadow Claw does much better in Raid battles, dealing 12.86 DPS. Unfortunately, though, Trevenant should probably not be used often in Raid battles.

This Pokemon is on the weaker side, with a 201 Attack stat. This might be viable in a Great League setting, but many other Ghost-types outperform it in Raids. Trainers might be better off looking for a Chandelure or Gengar than relying on Trevenant.

Trevenant evolves from Phantump (Image via Niantic)
Trevenant evolves from Phantump (Image via Niantic)

Thankfully, Trevenant gets one of the best charge moves in the game with Shadow Ball. It will allow this Pokemon to get solid damage on most others in the Great League meta, considering that not many options there resist Ghost-type attacks.

There are only two really prominent Dark-types in the Great League meta, and one of them (Sableye) is neutral to Shadow Ball anyways. The other (Umbreon) is a menace, but trainers should try to pair Trevenant with a Fairy-type to cover Umbreon. Examples of good partners would be Azumarill or Alolan Ninetails.

The second charge move Trevenant should be running is Seed Bomb. It gets STAB, which is always helpful. It is also one of the best shield baiting moves in the game since it only needs a third of the energy bar to use. Finally, it gives Trevenant great matchups against Pokemon like Azumaril and Swampert.