"Weird Glitch at GoFest": Pokemon GO avatars stuck in the same pose before raids

A screenshot from the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Some players have reported seeing their avatar cloned in Raid Battle lobbies (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon GO is no stranger to glitches and bugs; especially during important events like the yearly GO Fest. These events feature many players entering the same area for its in-person venues, which can put a lot of strain on the server for that designated area. Thus, various network errors are reported by those attending these in-person celebrations.

However, one particular glitch has surfaced that could either be a nuisance or a funny visual error, depending on the player. This glitch was posted to the Silph Road subreddit by user CWinchesterUK. Soon, many other players shared that they had encountered it as well. The user posted:

"Weird Glitch at GoFest. Had this in several raids, I kind of like it.

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As can be seen, this glitch multiplies the player's avatar when they enter a raid lobby. It doesn't appear to cause any gameplay disruptions, as Raid Battles will continue normally even if this bug appears. While some players may find it annoying, others seem to have found humor in it.

Comment byu/CWinchesterUK from discussion inTheSilphRoad

Other users on the Silph Road subreddit have stated that this glitch is not exclusive to the GO Fest event as the poster may have initially thought. Many trainers have shared their experience with this bug, but none seem to state that this issue made Raid Battles unplayable for them.

However, one could argue that any glitches in a nearly eight-year-old game that receives continuous updates should have little to no bugs. However, with Pokemon GO, when one glitch is fixed, others seem to appear in its place.

This could be due to the game being made in a different engine compared to Niantic's other projects. Pokemon GO is made in the Unity engine, a free game development app that many gamers are familiar with. Niantic's other successful mobile game, Monster Hunter Now, is made using the in-house Niantic Lightship engine, a more recent software with catered quality for the development team.

Comment byu/CWinchesterUK from discussion inTheSilphRoad

It appears that this glitch and various other similar raid glitches being reported this time could be related to Niantic testing its servers leading up to the GO Fest Global event to account for bigger raid sizes. This is merely speculation, but these clones of the player's avatar may be caused due to leftover data used for testing the raid lobby interface before releasing the update.

Note: Aspects of this article are subjective and reflect the writer's opinions.

How Niantic could fix Pokemon GO's many bugs and glitches

Niantic should consider porting Pokemon GO to the new Lightship engine (Image via Niantic)
Niantic should consider porting Pokemon GO to the new Lightship engine (Image via Niantic)

With Monster Hunter Now being as successful as it is, Niantic should consider updating Pokemon GO to match the quality of its other title. The best way to accomplish this would be to update GO into Niantic's Lightship engine. However, this may be challenging for the developers due to how different the two engines may be.

Nevertheless, a better engine for the game could make it easier for the team to work on, as it would be made in their custom software. This would likely result in a drastic decrease in glitches as well.

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