What are Aerodactyl's weaknesses in Pokemon GO?

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company
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Aerodactyl is an incredibly strong creature in Pokemon GO, but like most others, it comes with some weaknesses.

Aerodactyl is a Flying/Rock-type Pokemon. Typically, it is a Fossil Pokemon that can only be regenerated from Old Amber. This is how trainers obtain one in the main series games. In Pokemon GO, Aerodactyl can be found several ways.


Sometimes it is in the Raid rotation. Other times it will hatch from an Egg. It can even appear in the wild depending on where trainers end up. For those going up against one in PVP or PVE, such as a Gym or Team GO Rocket member, knowing its weaknesses is essential.

What are Aerodactyl's weaknesses in Pokemon GO?

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

A Flying/Rock type sees Aerodatcyl resist a ton of types. It is resistant to Ground, Normal, Bug, Poison, Flying, and Fire-type attacks in Pokemon GO. It has about just as many types as weaknesses though.

Aerodactyl is vulnerable to Ice, Rock, Steel, Water, and Electric. Those are some extremely common types with even more common moves. A lot of Pokemon in Pokemon GO that Aerodactyl resists may have a move from one of these types.

Sending in a Water-type Pokemon with two Water-type attacks seems like a breeze. That is its one weakness in Pokemon GO where Aerodactyl cannot learn a move supereffective against.

It can learn Rock-type moves and a Steel-type move to take on Ice-types, as well as Earth Power to defeat Rock, Steel, and Electric-types. Nothing in its move arsenal will damage Water-type Pokemon as much as the aforementioned.

A lot of trainers opt for Thundurus to truly counter Aerodactyl. As an Electric/Flying-type, moves like Rock Throw, Rock Slide, and Ancient Power can cause it trouble. It is resistant to Ground-type moves, though, due to its Flying-typing.

That makes Clawitzer, a newly added Pokemon GO creature, a wonderful choice. Water Gun and Crabhammer as its attacks will deal supereffective STAB damage to Aerodactyl, all while not worrying about taking supereffective damage of its own.

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