What is the best moveset for Butterfree in Pokemon GO?

Butterfree is native to the Viridian Forest in Kanto (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Butterfree is native to the Viridian Forest in Kanto (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Butterfree is one of the more well known Pokemon, but is it any good in battle?

Butterfree certainly isn’t known for its battle prowess. It is one of many early game Bug-types that evolve quickly but fall off later in the main series games. Many Pokemon GO trainers simply evolve Caterpies for the XP rather than using Butterfree.

This Pokemon, however, does have an interesting moveset.

Pokemon Butterfree in battle: What moves to use


Butterfree gets access to an excellent quick move in Bug Bite. The only issue is that this move is a legacy move, so trainers will have to debate whether or not it’s worth it to use an Elite T M. Otherwise, Struggle Bug is the way to go.

Struggle Bug isn’t a poor option, but Bug Bite is significantly better. This is because this move only lasts half a second. Therefore, even though it only does base 6 damage, it actually ends up doing 12 DPS as well as charging 12 EPS.

Butterfree will definitely be wanting to run a Bug-type STAB charge move. Picking between Bug Buzz and Signal Beam, though, can be difficult. Signal Beam has a slightly lower energy cost than Bug Buzz. This is important for Butterfree since it isn’t too bulky (137 Defense and 155 Stamina), so it has trouble living long enough to charge enough energy for its charge moves.

Signal Beam is less costly in terms of energy, although it’s only by 5 units. To charge the extra 5 energy, Butterfree gets a significantly more powerful move in Bug Buzz. Not only does it deal more damage, but it also has a 30% chance to lower the opponent’s Defense by a stage.

The other charge move that Butterfree will definitely want to have in its moveset is Psychic. Of course, it’s the only other option unless trainers want to run double Bug-type charge moves. Psychic has some good benefits for Butterfree, though.

As a Bug and Flying Pokemon, Butterfree resists Fighting-type moves well. Therefore, with Psychic, Butterfree can counter Fighting-type Pokemon.

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