Pokemon GO: Butterfree's weaknesses and best raid counters

Butterfree evolves from Caterpie, a commonly found early game Pokemon (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Butterfree evolves from Caterpie, a commonly found early game Pokemon (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Butterfree, one of the stars of Fashion Week, will be a Tier 3 raid boss in Pokemon GO.

One of the highlights of Fashion Week was seeing well known Pokemon receive new accessories. Among them was Butterfree, who got a nice little bow on its antennae. Not only will it be spawning in the the wild heavily this week, but it will also be a raid boss that all trainers can defeat easily.

Which Pokemon can beat Butterfree in the quickest time?


The great news for trainers who are looking to defeat Butterfree in raids is that this Pokemon has a ton of weaknesses. Fire, Flying, Electric, Rock and Ice all hit Butterfree for loads of damage. Out of these types, though, the best one at countering Butterfree is Rock.

This is because Rock does super effective damage against both Flying and Bug, both of Butterfree’s types. Therefore, Rock will be extremely effective against this raid boss. If trainers have any Pokemon with a Rock-type move, no matter what it is, they should have no problem beating this raid.

Looking at the top raid counters for Butterfree, it should come as no surprise that the top slots are all taken up by Rock-type Pokemon. Rampardos is at number one, defeating Butterfree in 61 seconds. Other top-ranked counters include Shadow Tyranitar, Rhyperior and Terrakion.

Since Rock-types are so effective against Butterfree, trainers don’t have to rely on strong legendaries and Mega Pokemon to beat this raid. Aggron, which is a much more accessible Pokemon to most trainers, annihilates Butterfree in under 100 seconds. The same can be said for Pokemon like Omastar, Archeops and Gigalith.

While Rock-types are the best counters, they certainly aren’t the only ones. The dominant Fire-types in Pokemon GO, like Mega Charizard and Moltres, will certainly make quick work of Butterfree.

There are also some niche Electric-types that have fast times to win against Butterfree. Chief among these is Mega Ampharos, clocking in at 85 seconds to win. Mega Manetric and Shadow Zapdos also perform well in this raid battle.

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