Where to find Fighting-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Fighting-type Pokemon (Image via Tom Salazar)
Fighting-type Pokemon (Image via Tom Salazar)

Fighting-type Pokemon are some of Pokemon GO's most desirable Pocket Monsters, though these kickboxing creatures can be troublesome to find.

These Pokemon are often coveted for their strength and endurance in battle. Mons of the Fighting-type variety deal more damage against Normal, Dark, Ice, Rock, and Steel-type opponents. The only time they don't come in handy is when a trainer is up against Fairy, Flying, or Poison-type foes.

This article suggests a few hunting tips and location advice for trainers searching for Fighting-type Pokemon in the mobile game.

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Fighting-types in Pokemon GO are more likely to spawn in particular places


Players looking for Fighting-type Pokemon are often frustrated because these monsters are fairly rare in the game. However, trainers must only take the time to look for them in the correct habitats.

When searching for Fighting Pokemon, it's important to keep in mind areas that these combat lovers would frequent. The three best places to check out are: local fitness centers, sport stadiums, and residential areas. The first two locations make a lot of sense because a Pokemon that loves to fight and stay in shape would likely hang around these locales.

It isn't as clear why Fighting-types spawn more often in residential areas, though it could just be Pokemon GO's way of giving players additional opportunities to catch them.

There's one more crucial piece of information for Pokemon GO gamers to remember when hunting for Fighting-type mons. This type of Pocket Monster is encountered more frequently when Cloudy weather is reported in the game.

A trainer's greatest odds of meeting a Fighting-type in the wild would be during cloudy weather near a workout place, sports arena, or residential area. Alternatively, Pokemon GO players could wait until a Fighting-type is featured by Niantic in one of the mobile game's many events. Event-featured mons almost always appear more often in the wild during their celebration.

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