What is May's Community Day in Pokemon GO?

Next month's Community Day will focus on Alolan Geodude (Image via Niantic)
Next month's Community Day will focus on Alolan Geodude (Image via Niantic)
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Next month's Community Day will be an event in Pokemon GO. May will be here before players know it, and it's only natural to wonder what the Community Day event will focus on. Fortunately, Niantic has recently made this information available.


On April 25, Pokemon GO's developers at Niantic announced that May 2022's Community Day would be centered around Alolan Geodude, keeping in line with the Season of Alola.

The event will take place on May 21, 2022, from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm local time, and players will receive plenty of bonuses from participating, especially if they need a solid Rock/Electric-type Pokemon for their battle needs. If players purchase the pass for US$1, they'll gain access to the event's Special Research story, and they'll receive even more benefits.

Pokemon GO: Details on Alolan Geodude Community Day

A shiny Alolan Geodude in the wild (Image via Niantic)
A shiny Alolan Geodude in the wild (Image via Niantic)

There's plenty to enjoy in Pokemon GO's Community Day event for May, even if the time the event remains active is less than that of previous months. Naturally, Alolan Geodude will appear much more often in the wild, and lucky trainers may even be able to find its shiny form, which is an unmistakable orange hue that immediately makes it stand out. However, simply catching Alolan Geodude is only the beginning of Community Day.

Once players have the required amount of candy, they can evolve their Alolan Geodude into Alolan Graveler and, finally, Alolan Golem. If trainers manage to evolve their Alolan Golem while the event is ongoing (or for up to two hours after), their Golem will know Rollout, a Rock-type move that is making its debut during Community Day. Old-school Pokemon fans likely know the move well, as Gym Leader Whitney used it to impressive effect during the Generation II games.


In addition to the Pokemon GO gameplay focused around Alolan Geodude, there are also a ton of extra benefits to playing during Community Day. Trainers can find these benefits below.

  • For Pokemon GO trainers who purchase or receive as a gift the $1 Community Day pass, they'll be able to access Alolan Geodude's Special Research story, which will likely provide plenty of items and candies for Alolan Geodude.
  • 3x Stardust for catching any Pokemon
  • 2x chance to receive XL candies from catching Alolan Geodude
  • Players can make up to two special trades per day during the event and for up to two hours afterward.
  • 2x candy for catching any Pokemon
  • Any incense activated during the event will last three hours
  • Trades during the event and for up to two hours after will require 50% less Stardust
  • Lure modules used during the event will last three hours
  • A new photobomb Pokemon will appear when Pokemon GO players take a snapshot
  • If players catch enough Pokemon during the timespan of a single lure module, the 3x catch Stardust bonus provided by the lure will increase to a 4x bonus for 30 minutes.

With so much to offer, the upcoming Community Day event is sure to be a blast.

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