What are the Perfect IV Stats for Machop in Pokemon GO

Machop as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Machop as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Machop is seldom seen in Pokemon GO these days; however, many players still encounter it from time-to-time. With the possibility of finding this Pokemon is ever present, many players want to know what the best stats for Machop can be — more specifically, its IV Stats.

While what makes a Pokemon strong in Pokemon GO is entirely subjective, and one of the many factors that play into viability is the Pokemon's stats. While everyone is familiar with the three main stats, Attack, Defense, and Stamina, few are aware of just how complicated the concept can be under the game's hood.

With this in mind, we can begin to look at and disect what the true stats of a Pokemon entail in Pokemon GO. By analyzing the stats as well as the typing, players can begin to determine if using such Pokemon fit their playstyle or a required role they need to fulfill for the game's competitive league.

An analysis of Machop in Pokemon GO

Machop as it appears in Pokemon: Twilight Wings (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Machop as it appears in Pokemon: Twilight Wings (Image via The Pokemon Company)

As many Pokemon GO players know, every Pokemon has their own "base stats" which are average values for each of their three stats. However, a deeper value for each of these stats known as IVs or "Individual Values" exist as well. These are alterations to these values that differ from Pokemon to Pokemon.

These IVs allow for every Pokemon to be different, even those of the same species. These values even impact the combat power of these Pokemon as well. With this in mind, with a bit of research, it is very easy to tell if a Pokemon has maximum IVs from their combat power. But what would this value be for Machop?

In short, the combat power of a Machop with maxed out individual values is 1,278. A Machop with this value is guaranteed to have a value of 15, the maximum possible value, in all three of its other stats. A tip to keep in mind is that Pokemon from eggs and research rewards have a higher chance of having maxed stats.


While it may sound ridiculous to analyze Machop given its status as an unevolved Pokemon, there may be merit in doing so. Much like every other online game on the market, Niantic often introduces new forms of gameplay to Pokemon GO to help keep it fresh; Variety Leagues is one way of doing so.

Variety Leagues like Jungle, Kanto, or Love Cup present one way out of many methods that Niantic has used to sustain such a large playerbase. In the case of Machop, the League it would benefit most from is the Little Cup. It has a strict ruleset and only allows unevolved Pokemon within a certain combat power range to take part.

Machop is a pure Fighting-type Pokemon from the Kanto Region, though it is also present in every other region as well. This typing leaves it with a weakness to Flying, Psychic, and Fairy-type attacks, but with a resistance to Rock, Dark, and Bug attacks. This remains consistent throughout its evolutionary process.

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