What are sponsored gift balloons in Pokemon GO

Official imagery for Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)
Official imagery for Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)

Like many other online and mobile titles like Pokemon GO, certain promotions and collaborations may be done from time to time to garner hype for an upcoming event or promote a certain company. However, Niantic implements these occurrences is slightly more subtle than other mobile games.

As experienced trainers are aware, there are many different methods players can use to go about acquiring different resources. However, the most common of these is spinning the various pokestops that trainers may find as they explore the world around them. The inclusion of sponsored balloons gives players another method.

Adding these sponsored balloons is not new to the game and has been a special part of many occasions. The following section details everything known about these gift balloons in Pokemon GO.

Sponsored Balloons in Pokemon GO: Everything to Know


Gamers who have been playing free and mobile titles for a long time may already be familiar with the practice of watching an ad to get a free reward. This is the fundamental idea behind Pokemon GO's sponsored gift balloons. Common in dense urban locations, these balloons entice players by offering free "rewards."

Considering that these balloons do not force the player to sit and watch a 30-second ad before receiving their gift, what trainers receive upon opening these balloons is a small amount of Stardust. Pokemon GO users who open these packages will also be treated with a small flyer advertising whatever is happening.

These advertisements are most common in big cities and gatherings as there is a higher concentration of players who are much more likely to click on the advertisement. It should be noted that players should not confuse these balloons with the infamous hot air balloons used by Team GO Rocket members.


As any seasoned Pokemon GO player will know, the Team GO Rocket balloons are very different in shape and color, but newer players may get mixed up during their first couple of appearances. Team GO Rocket balloons are much bigger, black in color, and feature the trademark "R" on the front, while sponsor balloons are plain white.

With Pokemon GO becoming more popular each year, the frequency of these balloons may be more present shortly. While essentially having a floating advertisement on the screen at all times may seem infuriating, it may provide players with a decent way to farm for Stardust if the mechanic remains as it currently is.

Players who do not wish to see these advertisements can opt out of the sponsor gift option through the application's settings menu. This leaves the choice to find these sponsor balloons and receive gifts and advertisements up to the player's preferences, which is a much-appreciated addition to the mobile title.

While many may see these sponsor balloons as intrusive advertisements meant to try and sell players on services and products, they might be worth keeping on for new players who may have difficulties acquiring specific resources.

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