When will Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC be released?

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's DLC expansions won't arrive until late in 2023 (Image via Game Freak)

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have continued moving along since their November 2022 release, but new adventures await trainers on the horizon. Game Freak and TPC International recently announced during the Pocket Monsters franchise's anniversary that the games would receive a two-part DLC expansion known as The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero.

The two portions of the upcoming DLC expansion are known as The Teal Mask and The Indigo Disk, with the former chapter being released shortly before the latter. According to The Pokemon Company, The Teal Mask is slated to be released in Fall 2023, and The Indigo Disk is set to arrive in Winter 2023.


At the moment, The Pokemon Company hasn't divulged specific release dates for these pieces of downloadable content, though that may change as 2023 continues.

What we know about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's two-part DLC so far


After hours of adventures in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Iberian-inspired Paldea region, the Treasure of Area Zero will see players heading to two new locations complete with their own culture, characters, and Pocket Monsters to capture, train, and battle.

The Teal Mask will take players to the land of Kitakami, and The Indigo Disk will see fans becoming exchange students of the enigmatic Blueberry Academy, a battle-oriented academy that is situated deep in the ocean.

The two DLCs can be purchased together for one price (for both Scarlet and Violet). Players who buy them before October 31, 2023, will receive a redeemable code to collect a Hisuian Zoroark.

Over 230 Pokemon (as many as 715, according to some leaks that include Pokemon HOME transfers) that were not seen in Scarlet and Violet will make their return. This includes the likes of Ninetales, Metagross, Milotic, Vikavolt, Dewgong, Mamoswine, and many more. Seven new legendary species have also been introduced or alluded to, including the heroes of Kitakami, a trio of Pocket Monsters known as Okidogi, Munkidori, and Fezandipiti.

Each DLC also has a mascot legendary similar to other franchise titles, with Ogerpon representing The Teal Mask and Terapagos representing The Indigo Disk.


Two new story-central characters will be introduced in this Pokemon Scarlet/Violet DLC. Trainer siblings Carmine and Kieran will make their debut as Kitakami natives who are students at Blueberry Academy. Players will also meet many more Blueberry students along the way, primarily in The Indigo Disk chapter of the expansion.

All the while, trainers will learn about secrets pertaining to Kitakami and Blueberry Academy. They will investigate the links between these new locations and their Pocket Monsters, as well as how they're connected to the Paldea region, specifically, the Terastal Phenomenon and the mysterious Area Zero found within the Great Crater of Paldea.


Trainers who wish to access the DLC will simply need to start the Treasure Hunt held by Naranja/Uva Academies, meaning they won't need to complete the primary story or the post-game to explore Kitakami and the aquatic reaches of Blueberry Academy.

New classes will be provided in Blueberry Academy, along with plenty of battle-oriented school activities. Likewise, Kitakami is certain to have plenty of battles and revelations of its own.

Whatever the case, Scarlet and Violet fans will simply have to wait until late 2023 for these two DLC expansions to arrive. Game Freak may release additional information in upcoming months, and the work of the data mining community never rests either, which should bring the details into clearer focus as the Treasure of Area Zero DLCs approach.

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