Which is the better Legendary Pokemon to use: Yveltal or Xerneas?

Legendary Pokemon Xerneas and Yveltal (Image via Niantic)
Legendary Pokemon Xerneas and Yveltal (Image via Niantic)
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The Legendary Pokemon, Xerneas and Yveltal, are both extremely dominant battlers. The Pokemon franchise often releases two Legendary mons at once that coincide with one another and yet are still different in a few ways.

Xerneas and Yveltal made their debut to the franchise in Generation VI and have remained fan-favorites ever since. Recently, Xerneas was introduced into Pokemon GO and it's likely that Yveltal will join the mobile game before too long as well.

Players of Pokemon X and Y who wish to utilize one of these Pocket Monsters want to know which one is the better choice overall.

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Which is the better Pokemon to use: Yveltal or Xerneas?


When it comes down to which Legendary Pokemon is better, the competition between Xerneas and Yveltal is extremely close. These Pokemon have the same Base stat total of 680, and while that sets them apart from a ton of ordinary mons, it doesn't do any good in determining which of the two is superior.

Normally, two Pokemon with the same Base stat total could still be contrasted by the way their points are dispersed into the various categories. This method won't work with Yveltal and Xerneas because their 680 points are spread out exactly the same as one another.

Now, if it was simply a matter of which Pocket Monster has a better design, Xerneas easily takes the majority vote. Ultimately, appearances don't matter when it comes to battling prowess, though it must be noted that Yveltal is significantly uglier.

Comparing these two Legendary Pokemon's versatility in battle, Yveltal certainly has the upperhand considering that it's a dual Dark/Flying-type. However, Yveltal is weak against twice as many types of Pocket Monsters as Xerneas.

At the end of the day, the better Legendary to use really comes down to personal preference and what type of Pokemon a trainer requires on their team. These two are both extremely impressive Pocket Monsters that can be used effectively in competitive play. Generally, Xerneas is seen being used more often, though that's most likely just because its design is more popular with fans than its counterpart.

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