10 most searched K-pop idols on Google in 2022

2022's most searched K-pop idols on Google (Image via Twitter/@ygent_official,@BIGHIT_MUSIC)

As of December 2, 2022, Google trends revealed its most searched K-pop idols to wrap up the year, and the results were both obvious and fascinating for the fans. The long list of the 30 K-pop idols who landed as the most searched K-pop idols was diverse. Meanwhile, the top 10 revealed K-pop group idols and soloists who continue to dominate the internet with their undying charisma and addictive discography.

2022 has been quite an eventful year for the K-pop industry, with its popularity doubling almost every other day. From members of famous K-pop groups such as BTS and BLACKPINK, along with a soloist artists, this article reveals the K-pop idols who've garnered the most attention in 2022.

BLACKPINK's Lisa, BTS' Jin, and 8 most searched K-pop idols on Google

10) Jisoo from BLACKPINK

The 28-year-old singer of BLACKPINK, Jisoo lands tenth among the most searched K-pop idols. With the group's latest comeback, Born Pink, after over two years, the idol garnered a lot of attention for how well she rocked the concept. Jisoo was also active in other fields outside of K-pop, as she starred in the famous K-drama Snowdrop at the beginning of 2022.

Being the only member of BLACKPINK who doesn't have a solo project yet, the announcement of her first solo album release in 2023 has excited many fans. Moreover, the idol has also recently begun her own YouTube. With all its profits reaching people in need, she has fans feeling proud of her and also looking forward to the content she will release on the platform.

9) RM from BTS

The year 2022 marked a monumental time for RM, given the release of his first solo album, Indigo. Coming up ninth in the list of the most searched K-pop idols, RM has been quite the talk of the town, mostly adhering to his masterpiece of an album.

Eight of the ten-track album were collaborations, featuring artists from all over the world who he saw as his role models. The album, which has a lot of meaning embedded in it for the idol, was a huge commercial success. Soon after the album's release, all the songs were trending across various music charts, naturally gaining attention from the audience and fans alike.

8) Jin from BTS

Another BTS member who sits among the most searched K-pop idols is Jin. Ever since the announcement of his enlistment in mandatory military service, the Abyss has been swarming with a lot of love from his fans. As Jin wrapped up his projects before his military service, he released his first solo project, The Astronaut, in collaboration with Coldplay as a gift for his fans.

Considering that it was a single-track project, the song sky-rocketed in the charts and was a great commercial success. Moreover, the idol finally starting his military training has only fueled his popularity, as fans flooded many social platforms with his mentions to express their love and support for Jin.

7) IU

As the only solo artist on the list of the most searched K-pop idols, IU has been quite active this year. With her concert schedule for The Golden Hour and her engagement with the K-drama project Broker, the singer has had a handful of content in diverse fields to serve her fans.

Moreover, the recent reveal of IU's relationship with actor Lee Jong-suk has been the hottest topic on the internet at the moment. Many fans swoon over the couple since their sweet bond has been budding for years now.

6) SUGA from BTS

Despite having little to no discographical releases in 2022, SUGA still falls as one of the most searched K-pop idols. The reason adheres to the sudden increase in SUGA's charisma ever since the 29-years-old idol has started posting several of his concept pictures on social media.

His Instagram in particular has been one of the central points of attraction. As SUGA continues to upload mysterious yet show-stopping photos of himself, fans are thrown into a frenzy each time they process the new dimension of the idol.

5) Jennie from BLACKPINK

Another BLACKPINK member who sits among the most searched K-pop idols is Jennie. More than a handful of times, the idol went viral on the internet for her jaw-dropping outfits and performances during the group's ongoing world tour.

Ever since the release of their latest album, Born Pink, all four BLACKPINK members have garnered a lot of attention. With the songs gaining popularity and continuing to thrive on the music charts, the group has people searching up the four idols who have been dominating the internet.

4) Lisa from BLACKPINK

The third and last BLACKPINK member who's among the most searched K-pop idols is Lisa. Right from the beginning of 2022, she entered the year garnering attention from the release of her solo album, LALISA, at the end of 2021. With the release of the group's latest comeback, Born Pink, her popularity was further fueled.

Many songs from the album, including Pink Venom, Shut Down, etc., were showered with a lot of love and support from their fans. With many people participating in the songs' TikTok challenges and covering the choreographies, the group and its members naturally caught the eye of many people.

3) Jimin from BTS

As one of the top charismatic members of BTS, Jimin also popped up on the list of the most searched K-pop idols. With the kickstart of a fresh solo project, the idol released his first OST for the K-drama Our Blues earlier in 2022, which sky-rocketed his popularity. Being labeled as the best K-drama OST of the year, it also earned Jimin the resurfacing of his title as the Spotify King.

Moreover, the idol's photo folio concept released by his band threw fans into a frenzy upon viewing the jaw-dropping pictures. As each BTS member adopted a concept that suited their personality, fans believed that Jimin's images represented him the best.

2) Jungkook from BTS

Ranking second among the most searched K-pop idols is the youngest member of BTS, Jungkook. The idol has has had quite an eventful year, bringing much pride to his fellow members and fans with his touchstone achievements. Among the many other activities Jungkook participated in, the one that stands out is his soundtrack composition for the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Jungkook became the first Korean artist to ever perform at the World Cup opening ceremony, creating a monumental event for not just the K-pop industry but also the entire nation. As the idol proceeds with more solo projects, fans eagerly shower Jungkook with their love and support.

1) V from BTS

The idol that takes the throne among the crowd of the most searched K-pop idols is V from BTS. Creating new embarkations for himself, he has put forth a fresh set of content for fans, revealing dimensions that many haven't seen of him. From being featured on the cover of Vogue Magazine to visiting the Paris Fashion Week organized by Celine, he has caused quite a stir within the K-pop fandom.

Moreover, as a classic holiday gift from V to ARMYs, the idol released a cover of the famous song It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas on SoundCloud and YouTube, which fans couldn't get enough of. Given the immense love and support V receives for his solo projects, it explains how much they're awaiting a full-fledged album from the idol.

Most spots of the most searched K-pop idols are held by members of BTS and BLACKPINK. As the two most famous groups in the K-pop industry, they once again proved how consistent and stable the growth of their popularity is.

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Edited by Priya Majumdar
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