5 best food-themed Crocs collabs of all time

Crocs food-themed collabs released over the years (Image via Sportskeeda)
Crocs food-themed collabs released over the years (Image via Sportskeeda)

Crocs, an acclaimed global casual footwear brand, is praised for its eccentric and unique designs. You may adore them or hate them, but you can't ignore them. The designers of foam clogs have a large fan base that appreciates comfort and distinctive styles. To meet demands, the label has never shied away from releasing unfamiliar designs. This brand's collaboration is omnipresent, from the fashion to the food industries.

The Colorado-based footwear company has cooperated with food titans and has become the go-to name for such food-meets-fashion collaborations. Let's take a look at the five most iconic Crocs collaborations of all time.

Pop-Tarts x Crocs and four other food-themed Classic Clog collabs that thrilled fans over the years

1) KFC X Crocs Bucket Clogs

Crocs, the go-to comfort brand, and KFC, the fried chicken franchise, collaborated to come up with one of the strangest pairs of soles that the world has ever encountered. These joint clogs were released in July 2020 for $59.99 and sold out in no time.

KFC x Crocs Bucket Clogs was a special-edition pair of footwear flaunting a fried chicken print. The shoe's upper was crafted to resemble perforated fried chicken. The bottom design was modeled after KFC's famous red and green chicken box. The KFC Crocs were first seen during New York Fashion Week in February 2020.

One version of the sizzling Classic Clogs came with replaceable, chicken-scented Jibbitz charms, enabling it to smell like fried chicken. The charms were designed to resemble drumsticks. These clogs were designed to give the true feeling of wearing a chicken bucket.

2) Crocs X Lucky Charms Edition: Red Clogs and Jibbitz

Crocs and Lucky Charms rejoined again in 2022 for a new set of red clogs and Jibbitz, after their previous alliance for a yellow pair. The bright red clogs include a yellow strap and the words "magically delicious" emblazoned on the side of the slip-on footwear. The toe box reads "Lucky Charms," and each shoe contains a charm, including Lucky the Leprechaun, the Lucky Charms logo, and a pot of riches. You'll notice interesting details regardless of the angle from which you gaze at them.

The Jibbitz includes an ensemble of five charms, which are available separately. All of them were inspired by your favorite cereal, including one that reads Lucky Charms, while other designs came in the shape of your favorite marshmallows, like a clover, unicorn, star, and rainbow. They almost look tasty enough to eat.

These clogs were made available in both men's and women's sizes at a price of $59.99. To complement the shoes, a 5-pack of Jibbitz came along for $19.99.

3) General Mills x Crocs ‘Rise N’ Style’

The foam clogs brand and General Mills partnered on the 'Rise N' Style' line in 2022 to commemorate the popular morning cereals. The partnership is made up of four pairings, each of which celebrates a different cereal.

The first release of the 'Rise N' Style' lineup was the Cinnamon Toast Crunch clog introduced in April 2022. A few months later, in July, the footwear label rolled out three other variants based on your favorite breakfast theme, i.e., Trix, Honey Nut Cheerios, and Cocoa Puffs. Each tempting delight was the result of meticulous design and was topped with classic cereal-themed Jibbitz charms.

The limited-edition Crocs "Rise N' Style" collection came in children's and adult sizes ranging from $45 to $70 and went sold out immediately.

4) Crocs x 7-Eleven

Back in 2022, your favorite clog makers joined forces with convenience store chain 7-Eleven and came up with three offerings. Each set included a brightly colored Jibbitz toy shaped like a Slurpee beverage, a Big Bite Hot Dog, coffee, etc. to give the feel of a convenience store.

The Mega Crush Clog, the Classic Clog, and the Classic Sandal are a trio of collab results. All the units were coated in green, red, and orange hues modeled on the esteemed 7-Eleven logo. Black and white tones were used to highlight the overall design.

The Mega Crush Clog has an orange upper and a midsole with red forefoot elements and green stripes flowing through it, clearly referencing the retail chain's emblem. The Classic Clog, on the other hand, was designed in a more understated manner, with a black base and an orange accent upfront.

The Classic Sandal is on the gentler end of the color scale when compared to the Mega Crush Clog. They were constructed in white with straps that crossed the bridge of the foot and were decked out with 7-Eleven-specific motifs and buttons accented with 7-Eleven branding.

The three 7-Eleven-inspired footwear options, which were released 11 months ago and were priced between $50 and $110, sold out quickly.

5) Pop-Tarts x Crocs

The Pop-Tarts and Crocs partnership lately culminated in a new Crocs with a Pop-Tarts makeover, and enthusiasts conveyed their excitement by commenting on social media. Both collaborators are regular home brands, with one being sipped liberally at the breakfast table and the other supporting the feet on a busy day.

The foam clog producer, in partnership with Pop-Tarts, has demonstrated the exceptional caliber of their design team, which has integrated the Pop-Tarts Jibbitz to attach to the upper profile. Sugary Crocs-shaped Jibbitz are glued to the baked pastry and etched with edible glue as part of the partnership.

The shoe has heel straps and numerous perforated patterns on the sole in a tan-hued silhouette. In addition to the "Crazy Good" motto, the Jibbitz has received a strawberry-baked pastry facsimile and a silver wrapper embossed with the brand's logo.

The Pop-Tarts x Classic Clog Croc-Tarts collection will be released on August 9, 2023. Customers can participate in the prize contest at the Croc Tarts website to win a pair. There will be three additional drops for the same on August 11, August 16, and August 18.

Because there are only sixty pairs available each day, only 240 pairs will be made available to the general public. If you are chosen and allowed to purchase one, the kits will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Stay tuned for the official pricing of this collaboration lineup.

These were some of the most unique food-themed collaborations with the American footwear company. For more such rare designs, keep checking the brand's official website.

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