8 cringiest K-pop lyrics that give second-hand embarrassment

BLACKPINK's lyrics in Forever Young (Image via Twitter/@BLACKPINK)
BLACKPINK's lyrics in Forever Young (Image via Twitter/@BLACKPINK)

The Korean music industry has undoubtedly offered fans deep and meaningful songs, however, on the other side of the spectrum lies a world full of the cringiest K-pop lyrics.

While Hallyu wave introduced everyone to the realm of K-pop, it also gave way to some songs with the funniest and nonsensical lyrics.

It has to be kept in mind that it's not just artists who are responsible for their songs. An entire team of producers, songwriters, and English language lyricists, among others, take part in the song-making process. Therefore, it would be unfair and unjust to put the blame on idols who often face criticism for things that they do not have under their command.

Sometimes I really love that I don't know what all the lyrics mean in my kpop songs cuz I started listening to a song with English lyrics on YouTube and my cringe was real.

Most of the time, cringeworthy K-pop songs have catchy tunes and beats, which makes it difficult to focus on their lyrics, but once you do there is no going back. Additionally, cringe lyrics do make up for some good laughs and should be viewed as a means of entertainment rather than outright condemnation.

In light of this, let’s take a look at some of the cringiest K-pop lyrics that give fans second-hand embarrassment.

Forever Young, Wolf, and more: Eight cringiest K-pop lyrics that will keep you questioning their purpose

1) Knock by KNK


The South Korean boy band KNK released Knock as their debut single on March 3, 2016. The song has amazingly groovy beats but the lyrics do not match the hype that the music offers. With a rather not-so-thoughtful chorus, it makes its spot in the cringiest K-pop lyrics section.

“The stage is jumping. Your heart is booming and burning. Everyone be quiet, I’m coming. We’re KNK boy. (translated)”

2) Forever Young by BLACKPINK


K-pop stans had higher expectations from the powerful and influential girl group BLACKPINK when they dropped Forever Young. Released on June 15, 2018, this Moombahton track has highly addictive and energetic beats.

However, the ending was a bummer for many, including BLINKs. Lisa’s rap written by Teddy and Future Bounce, has a lot of repetition and wrong word choices that place it in the hall of the cringiest K-pop lyrics.

“Girls wanna have some fun. We go dumb dumb dumb. Yeah, girls wanna have some fun. We ain't done done done (let's go). Whatta bum bum whatta bum bum.”

3) Sexy Love by T-ARA


Released on September 4, 2012, Sexy Love by T-ARA has the potential to hook its audience with its start. However, as the song progresses, there is little hope for redemption. The lyrics are bland and almost childish.

The chorus crosses all limits and offers humdrum and minimum-effort lyrics.

“You are so sexy. Sexy eyes, sexy nose, sexy mouth, sexy love. In my eyes everything is sexy.”

4) Wolf by EXO


EXO has cemented a good reputation in the K-pop music world but the group has had their share of embarrassing and bizarre lyrics. Released on May 30, 2013, Wolf is the most metaphoric track the group has offered to date.

With words like “full moon” and “claw”, the song is drenched in metaphors from start to finish. Furthermore, the bizarre expressions and word choices throughout the song offer a glimpse of what the cringiest K-pop lyrics look like.

“I get a feeling all at once, in one bite I’m gonna put you in my mouth like cheese. (translated)”

5) Mazeltov by ZE:A


Mazeltov by ZE:A was released on January 19, 2011. Not only is the beginning of the song loud, but its subsequent lyrics do not make sense at all. From the recitation of the days of the week to the description of many ethnicities, the track really has nothing major to offer.

The repetition of the exact same nonsensical and bizarre lyrics starts to get annoying after a minute, undoubtedly placing it on the list of the cringiest K-pop lyrics.

“Latin girl, Mexican girl, Korean girl, Japanese girl, Mazel Tov…Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Mazel Tov.”

6) O.O by NMIXX


Fairly a recent song amidst the initial and early days of K-pop songs on the list, O.O by NMIXX also made the cut for offering absurd and inane lyrics. Released on February 22, 2022, the O.O music video renders a cinematic experience with over-the-top energetic choreography.

However, it also serves some of the cringiest K-pop lyrics that are monotonous and even nonsensical in multiple places.

“Check out, popcorn, and Zero Coke…Watch out, baila, baila, baila…Ayy, zip-zip, zoom, come on, come on baby, you're my superhero.”

7) Cat & Dog by TXT


The massively acclaimed boy band TXT released Cat & Dog on April 24, 2019. This track will catch you by surprise right from its opening lyrics

“Feel like I'm your cat, I'm your dog.”

Given that Cat & Dog is a metaphoric number, its lyrics are questionable as well as amusing.

Throughout the song, various cat and dog references, accompanied by wordplay (It's no coincidence, it's a kitty incidence) and barking and meowing sounds just add up to register their mark as the cringiest K-pop lyrics.

“I'm the one you can't keep your, keep your paws off. Go fetch when you say that I'm a dog walk (translated)”

8) I’m gonna be a star by TWICE


Released on April 25, 2016, this track by TWICE has drab and unvaried lyrics. The aegyo style of songwriting makes the song a part of the cringiest K-pop lyrics section.

“All the oppas and eonnis (OK, OK) New star, do you want it? (OK, OK).”

Additionally, not only does the chorus comprise of a single line repeated multiple times (I’m gonna be a star), but it is also followed by another repetitive line “watch me do my thing,” which makes it a little unbearable.

Am I the only person that loves cringe kpop lyrics? It’s all part of the charm!

Undoubtedly, the K-pop industry has given fans beautiful gems to cherish, but the amusing lyrics of some others are what keeps fans entertained.

Do let us know which songs have the cringiest K-pop lyrics in the comment section below.

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