Rebelde Season 2 review: The Netflix adaptation of the telenovela takes a darker turn this season

Rebelde Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix (Image via Netflix)
Rebelde Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix (Image via Netflix)

Six months after the first season of the next-generation reboot of Rebelde aired on Netflix, the Spanish-language Mexican teen drama is back for a second run. Released on July 27, 2022, the second season features new cast additions and darker plotlines.

Directed by Santiago Limón, the Netflix series is a sequel to the 2004 Mexican telenovela, which was, in turn, a reboot of the Argentine telenovela Rebelde Way. After getting picked up by Netflix, the telenovela seemed to have taken an Elite and Glee-like spin in the first season. Add inspiration from the HBO drama Euphoria, and we have a second season.


Reprising their roles from the previous season were Azul Guaita, Franco Masini, Sergio Mayer Mori, Andrea Chaparro, Jerónimo Cantillo, Lizeth Selene, and Alejandro Puente. Prominent new additions to the cast of Season 2 were singer Joel Isaac Figueroa aka Saak playing the role of Okane, and Flavio Medina, portraying Gus Bauman.

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Season 2 of Rebelde amped up the drama by introducing darker and mature elements to its plot

Rebelde Season 2 opened with a montage of the boarding school crew reeling in the aftermath of the Battle of the Bands competition in the finale of Season 1. As it turned out, MJ and Sebas won the battle despite Rebelde's electrifying performance.

The nature of events was roughly the following: Esteban and Jana broke up, Dixon was still the cool guy, MJ and Sebas had some tension brewing between them, Emilie and Andi was turning the heat up with their blossoming romance, Luka remained a lone wolf, and new star-kid Okane showed up smelling like trouble.

Another new face at EWS was Gus Bauman, a big-shot record producer who came with the promise of transforming lives. However, throughout eight episodes, Bauman turned villainous, responsible for all the chaos at EWS this school year.

The plot of the second season of Rebelde tackled various mature themes such as drugs, the dark and disturbing face of the music industry, interpersonal issues, accidents and suicides, money and glamor, etc. The plot never lacked drama, sufficiently punctuated by the musical performances, keeping viewers entertained.

The season's first twist came from an announcement by Mr. Bauman that this year's Battle of the Bands stood canceled and that there would be a new form of competition among the prodigy musicians. Right off the bat, he began pitting the students against each other, breaking bonds they had forged over the previous season.

Vying for the coveted chance to be signed by GB Records, Jana, Esteban, Dixon, Andi, Sebas, MJ, Luka, and Okane decided to stop at nothing. Each episode featured musical performances and the pressures these characters were under due to Bauman's maneuvers.

The plot manages to keep up the drama in a way that can easily get viewers invested in the story and the characters. As the story progresses, viewers may find themselves caring about the characters' choices and their changing dynamics with each other.

Knowing that a villainous puppetmaster is driving these narratives is also an interesting element this season. However, the ending might disappoint viewers with its abrupt twists and unsatisfactory conclusion to the plotlines.

Who managed to win the approval of Gus Bauman and eventually signed with him? How were their friendships and relationships tested under the Bauman regime? What happens when the lure of success trumps emotional bonds? Tune in to Rebelde Season 2 to find out.

Rebelde Season 2 features divergent yet interesting character developments

Whereas Season 1 had everyone rooting for the beautiful and charming Esteban, he turned into something of a playboy this season with the Colucci title added to his name. He turned cowardly and supercilious, making him unlikeable and closer to Sebas, his rival from the previous season.

Jana and MJ's rivalry that began last season with MJ ditching Rebelde to join Sebas' group goes through a confusing arc. Their hostility was eventually resolved in a sister-like moment wherein the two girls came together to support each other and their roommate Andi.

All three of them went through their own struggles throughout the season, but their support for each other towards the end was undoubtedly heartwarming. Navigating broken hearts, drugs, and pressure to impress Mr. Bauman both drove them apart and eventually brought them closer.

Luka's role as an intern this season was entertaining from the beginning. His blossoming relationship with Okane furthered his arc this season, which took a theatrical turn towards the end of the season, leaving his fate in the air.

Sebas, the villain in Season 1, showed a surprising turnaround this season. He was almost agreeable until his parents' political power and his deceitfulness came into the picture once again.

Overall, the school year showed a lot of different faces of the beloved telenovela characters. They went from being regular young adults embroiled in boarding school drama to being Netflix-grade young adults involved in surreal drama.

All eight episodes of Rebelde Season 2 are now available to watch on Netflix.

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