What did Scott Disick do and why are fans hating on him after Hulu's The Kardashians episode 5?

Scott Disick (Image via @letthelordbewithyou/Instagram)
Scott Disick (Image via @letthelordbewithyou/Instagram)

Kourtney Kardashian might be over her ex Scott Disick, but he is far from leaving the Kardashians. In the recent episode of The Kardashians, Scott Disick got into altercations with two of the family members.

Ever since Keeping up with the Kardashians came to an end and Kourtney started dating Travis Barker, Scott has felt left out of the family. In The Kardashians Episode 5, Scott Disick talked to Kris Jenner about feeling left out and asking her why she was not inviting him to her birthday dinner.

Disick also expressed his disappointment with Kendall Jenner for not inviting him to her birthday dinner. When she explained that it was a small 15-person-get together,he taunted her for inviting Kourtney and reminded her that he had been planning her birthday parties for 10 years.

The Kardashians, much like Keeping up with the Kardashians, follow the infamous Kardashian-Jenner clan as they achieve big and small milestones.

What happened with Scott Disick on The Kardashians Episode 5?

In Episode 5 of The Kardashians, fans saw Scott Disick feeling left out of the family. When he met with Kris at a small diner, she laughed about calling the show The Disicks, but he was in no mood to joke and said:

"But then you felt like you don’t invite me to half the s**t you do anymore anyway, so why call it The Disicks?"

When he learned that Kris was having a birthday dinner, he was shocked and said, "Nobody told me!". That was when she confessed to Scott that she felt that she was cheating on Kourtney and he immediately reminded her that she promised him that she would be there for her after his parents died.

Scott reminded Kris Jenner of her words by saying:

"You told me I was your blood-related son when my parents died."

He felt left out of the family when Kris Jenner first lied about her meeting with Scott at a diner for her birthday brunch before revealing that she was only having a birthday dinner party with her kids. Kris Jenner felt that Scott was being unreasonable and said in a confessional:

"He just needs to grow up and be a little more mature."

He yelled at her for not inviting him to the party but Kris politely told him she was not doing anything. Scott said:

"You’re obviously doing something and you’re embarrassed to keep it from me."

Scott said in a confessional that he knew that it was not going to be a quiet dinner but a mega party hosted by Nobu, one of the best chefs in the country. He called out Kris for being mean and asked her how she would feel if she was singled out by a family like this. Kris was caught off guard by this statement and said,

"Wow, that’s shady."

After speaking with Kourtney, she did invite Scott to her birthday dinner, but he was awkward at the party seeing Kourtney and Travis make out. He said that he was not hungry but also realized that she was now single and could do anything she liked. He said,

"She found someone, I am happy for her. She’s got a man that loves her and she deserves it because there were so many years that I didn’t put her first."

He also joked with Kris Jenner, asking if he was cut off from Thanksgiving too. Kris felt that Scott was playing the victim and revealed that he was invited. She revealed on the episode that it was like she was cheating on Scott and Travis at the same time.

Kendall Jenner had defended Scott in the previous episode by considering his reaction to the proposal. She said,

"Scott is my brother. Like, we’re basically blood at this point."

In the episode, Scott confronted her for not inviting him to her birthday party. He said,

"I have helped you throw birthday parties for 10 years."

She said that it wasn't a party, but a 15 person dinner where no one except Kourtney and Travis from the family came. She regretted not informing him about the same, but did not apologize for the ordeal.

She was very angry at him for not letting her talk and blaming her for siding with Kourtney. Kendall stormed off after saying,

"I am so over this s**t."

Kris was present during the altercation but did not say much between the two arguing.

The Kardashians fans slammed Scott Disick

Fans felt Scott was being unreasonable, given that the family is related to Kourtney by blood and has to be there for her. They felt that it was rude of him to try to blame the family and Kourtney for pushing him away when he himself cheated on Kourtney multiple times and was involved in substance abuse while he was dating her.

Fans felt Scott was being too excessive in his attachment to the Kardashian family, despite the fact that he had been a part of the show and family since 2006 and continued to participate in Keeping Up With The Kardashians following his breakup with Kourtney in 2015.They felt that him whining over not being invited to family parties was just complicating things between him and the family members.

Scott is so pathetic, I dislike his storyline. And I think he’s weird to try to insert himself into Kourtney’s life other than being a cooperative co-parent. You’ve had plenty of chance, years to clean up your mess. #TheKardashians
Scott is literally acting like the biggest baby. God bless kendall for finally saying smthn. Not surprised to see him try and manipulate a young girl like that 🤷‍♀️ #TheKardashians
Scott playing this victim role is draining. #TheKardashians
Scott, you need to stop. You don’t care about Kris, you care about staying barnacled to that family. #TheKardashians
Scott loves the luxury. He ain’t stupid. Letting go of the family will cut him out of all the perks he gets. Its not about Kourtney. If he truly loved her and his kids he would HAVE NEVER behaved in such a way. Wake up people. #TheKardashians…
I was tryna have a SMIDGE of sympathy for Scott but babes come on. Yes you feel as tho this is your adoptive family but you grown. Y’all are no longer together and if it ain’t an event with the kids, it don’t make the most sense for you to be invited #TheKardashians
#TheKardashians scott needs to not play the victim regarding being invited to events, homie move on??
The fact that Scott would speak like that to Kris when she has literally made sure he was involved in everything even when Kourtney was over it is disgusting. #TheKardashians
Scott, why did you whine and groan about not being there and then be a complete nuisance while at the party? #TheKardashians
I hate that we have to talk about Scott’s feelings in every episode when we’re clearly supposed to celebrating Kourt. Also, that scene w Kendall, Kris and Scott started out so boring but chile the ending💀 #TheKardashians
I AM SO OVER SCOTT. #TheKardashians Stop whining & get over it dude.

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian's relationship timeline

Kourtney Kardashian had been dating Scott since 2006 until their break up in 2015. The couple stayed in an on-and-off relationship for 9 years before calling it quits due to Scott's infidelity and substance abuse. They co-parent three children together: Mason (12), Penelope (9) and Reign Disick (7).

New episodes of The Kardashians are released every Thursday on Hulu and Disney+ at 12:01AM ET.

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