10 best multiplayer horror games on Roblox

Horror game list (Image via Roblox)
Horror game list (Image via Roblox)

Roblox's horror catalog is in the limelight due to some amazing games that guarantee good vocal exercise. If players are having trouble discovering horror titles on Roblox, this list may be of assistance.

They can also play these frightening Roblox games in multiplayer mode. It's time to bring back Friday's terrifying titles!

While we all agree that Roblox is different in the way avatars appear, it is home to a number of creepy multiplayer horror games. While the majority are still family-friendly and appropriate for all ages, a couple of games are somewhat disturbing and frightening.


The majority of Roblox horror games combine tactics, trivia, puzzles, discovery, and endurance. These can be found in several of the games mentioned below. While the final goals vary, players can anticipate these Roblox horror games to put their judgment abilities, execution strategy, perseverance, and practical wisdom to the test.

Multiplayer horror games on Roblox that will leave everyone screaming

Check out this list of multiplayer horror games and give them a go.

10) The Asylum


Eagle Studios created The Asylum, a terrifying Roblox game. The Asylum, which is divided into chapters, turns players into adventurers as they investigate this deserted horrible facility and try to unravel the riddle.

While chapter one takes you around the asylum, chapter two throws you into a terrifying complex right next door.

9) Murder Mystery 2


Murder Mystery 2 boasts great gameplay on a scary landscape. It separates players into 3 teams: Innocents, Sheriff, and Murderer. For team Innocent, players must flee and hide from the murderer while attempting to figure out who that is.

The sheriff's team must cooperate with Innocents, as they're the only ones with a weapon who can kill the murderer. Murderers must simply kill everyone with their own weapons.

8) Poppy Playtime - Story


Poppy Playtime - Story is Roblox’s take on the classic horror game Poppy Playtime, which one may play with their buddies. The game is set in an empty toy factory infested with creepy toys that have come to life.

The primary goal of the game is to locate the unique floral. Based on the backstory, players used to work at the plant, but things have changed drastically.

7) Lloyd Residence


This Roblox multiplayer horror game is perfect for fans of myths and spooky tales. Chuck Lloyd, an old warrior whose past nightmares have left him scarred, suffers from chronic sleep deprivation.

The Lloyd Residence could potentially be divided into two games: Lloyd Residence and Chuck's Basement. If players enjoy solving puzzles and uncovering clues, this is their game.

6) Insane Elevator


The idea of this game is for players to enter an elevator in the hopes of receiving in-game cash, but it's generally something terrifying (a slender, a piggy, some zombies). It is played with a group of other people.

Since Insane Elevator is really not that scary, it's one of Roblox's most popular horror games. This game is suitable for all ages, and the large number of players clustered around it makes it more entertaining than scary.

5) Survive the Killer!


Zombies are a must-have for every horror game list, and players will be happy to know that Roblox includes a couple of them. Zombie Attack is a wave-based zombie killing game where one can play with their buddies.

They must battle and eliminate as many rounds as possible. They will gain access to new firearms and deadly powers to knock them out along the road. Development, on the other hand, uncovers rare zombies as well as the huge Zombie boss, which players must defeat in order to win more goodies.

4) The Maze


Maze is a horror game that offers the player the impression that they are being watched in every way. A confined maze filled with various creatures adds to the game's appeal.

The game is incomplete, and further upgrades are on the way, but the current level will be enough to give chills. The game's developer, HyperSlica, says:

"Who knows how long it will take but thank you all for the support on this small project! This is only the beginning!"

Play it with pals and see if you can make it out of The Maze alive.

3) Dead Silence


One of the finest story-based multiplayer horror games on the platform is Dead Silence. Despite the fact that it can only be played by three people at a time, playing it alone is terrifying. In this game, players take on the role of an investigator, tasked with gathering as much information as possible about Mary Shaw.

They will discover more about Mary Shaw as they proceed. Players may face Mary Shaw after completing the creepy game, or they may discover that she isn't a real person.

2) The Mimic


The Mimic is among Roblox's most frightening horror games. The title is a horror experience with single-player and multiplayer options. It is divided into segments. The Mimic is based on four narratives from Japanese history and urban legends, each with its own spin.

Every chapter, camouflaged as four distinct volumes, will transport players and their friends to intriguing realms consisting of terrifying game layouts, unexpected loud noises, and plenty of jump scares. Look no further if anyone wants to hear their friends scream.

1) Dark Wood


If players desire to push things further, this entry from Morbid Games is the ideal choice. Dark Wood was created by Morbid Games. It is a survival horror game with multiple levels and maps. As a hero, a player's mission is to acquire items along the way in each area while dodging the entities who stand guard.

The game supports multipleplayer, so gamers and their buddies can play together. Each stage also allows them to select maps and modes. The catch is that the player, as a hero, can turn into a monster and murder others.

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