5 best estates in Roblox MeepCity

Featured image of the best-looking estates in MeepCity (Image via Sportskeeda)
Featured image of the best-looking estates in MeepCity (Image via Sportskeeda)

Roblox MeepCity is widely regarded as one of the finest town and city games in the metaverse. The title has accumulated over 15 billion visits on the gaming platform. As a result, MeepCity became the fourth most-played game on Roblox as of 2023.

Players are tasked with taking care of their Meeps and Estates to earn coins and progress in-game. Additionally, one can team up with others on the multiplayer map to participate in mini-games, RP, and more.

Robloxians can also let their imagination run free by customizing their estates with numerous accessories, furniture, and more. New estates are released during patch updates and in-game events. Players must use Robux or MeepCoins to purchase estates from the Home Improvement Store in Roblox MeepCity.

Over time, the value of limited edition estates has skyrocketed in the community market. Scroll ahead to learn about the best estates in Roblox MeepCity.

Happy Home Pumpkin, Hearts and Helium, Victorian, Castle, and Wizard Tower Estates are the best in Roblox MeepCity

1) Happy Home Pumpkin Estate


The Happy Home Pumpkin Estate was released during the 2019 Halloween special event. Players had to spend 7500 MeepCoins or 3750 Candies (event currency) to purchase the pumpkin-themed estate.

The house bears a striking resemblance to the Jack-o'-lantern that has an orange hue to it. Players with a pumpkin estate can make their own customizations to make their estate stand out. The Happy Home Pumpkin Estate only has two storeys with two big rooms, making it ideal for hosting parties and meetings.

Significant features:

  • This estate has 12 pots that can be used for gardening
  • No longer purchasable in the in-game shop
  • Might be available during the next Halloween update

2) Hearts and Helium


The Hearts and Helium estate made its debut in Roblox MeepCity during the 2020 Valentine Update. This estate has some heart-shaped helium balloons on its roof, giving the entire property a Valentine motif.

Players had to spend 5000 MeepCoins to purchase the Hearts and Helium Estate. They can use the two-storey estate's eight spacious rooms to engage in virtual tasks with their friends.

Significant features:

  • Players can earn a lot of coins by using the 18 pots from this estate for gardening
  • This estate is no longer available for purchase
  • Owners can use this house to organize surprise parties

3) Victorian Estate


The Victorian Estate, as the name hints, is based on Victorian architecture. Players who enjoy owning large properties should consider buying the Victorian Estate for 999 Robux.

The Victorian Estate has two floors and 14 spacious rooms, making it one of the largest residences in Roblox MeepCity. Those with a lot of in-game money who want to live extravagantly should purchase this house as they can personalize it with the best furnishings, wallpaper, and more.

Significant features:

  • Victorian Estate is the most expensive estate in MeepCity
  • The estate grants players 17 gardening pots
  • Spacious rooms can be used for a variety of activities

4) Castle Estate


The Castle Estate is the second biggest estate in Roblox MeepCity with two floors and 11 rooms. Players can make use of the big space inside the estate to live like a royal given that they add the right modifications.

Those interested must be willing to spend 20,000 MeepCoins to add this estate to their collection. The property looks like a small fortress from the outside due to its pointed domes and a large doorway.

Significant features:

  • This estate offers 18 pots that can be used to harvest a variety of plants
  • Arch-shaped windows under every pointed dome
  • Players who prefer dark-themed motif to their estates can consider buying the Castle Estate and customizing it

5) Wizard Tower Estate


Wizard Tower Estate is the tallest estate in Roblox MeepCity that houses four floors with nine rooms. Players can purchase this estate for 15,000 MeepCoins from the in-game store.

They must also invest quite some time in tailoring and decorating the tower. The Wizard Tower Estate's capacious interior can be decorated with the best-looking embellishments.

Significant features:

  • This estate only has 12 pots
  • One of the biggest estates in MeepCity
  • There is a small balcony on the top floor of this estate

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