5 best scary Roblox games like Resident Evil Village

Best scary Roblox games to play (Image via Roblox)
Best scary Roblox games to play (Image via Roblox)

Roblox has millions of games developed by the users themselves and are available for a multitude of age groups out there. This involves all types and varieties of games that gamers can play online either individually or with other players or friends. One of the most liked genres involves survival-horror games.

The horror genre and video games are a perfect combination. Playing scary games is more thrilling than any other genre in this modern world, and has been a hit since the early days as well. The genre is massively influenced by the gaming franchise, Resident Evil, making it widely popular among players.

The most loved and played survival-horror game is a 2021 title called Resident Evil Village. It was published by Capcom, in which players can control Ethan Winters (the protagonist of the game), who is in search of his daughter who is kidnapped in a village. The main challenge is that the village is filled with freaky creatures. The game is the sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

Like Resident Evil, a horror-survival game, Roblox games also have many scary and horror-survival games for the players to feel the terror while playing these games. This article further discusses the 5 best scary Roblox games.

Top horror Roblox games like Resident Evil Village

5) Dead Silence


Created by @DoomX10, the Roblox game Dead Silence is one of the scariest horror-survival games. Dead Silence is a game based on a very popular movie in the horror genre with the same name, released in 2007.

The game involves gamers investigating the origins of the legendary Mary Shaw and can be played by up to 4 players or individually. More players make the game less intense and scary, but the players playing together can scare each other in the dark.

The game has a spooky design for its environment, with dark rooms where gamers have to look for keys. The keys are not placed in the same locations and often change places, making the game more fun.

Slowly moving forward in the game, players will be met with sacrifices, noises, and several jump-scares. The game is played by millions of players on the platform, making it one of the most played games on Roblox.

4) Maria?


Another terrifying game that comes under this list is Maria? created by @Epicbrainfart108. The game is said to have an excellent sound design and a weirdly amazing spooky environment. Which makes the players believe that they are in real threat of encountering a ghost.

The game is focused on searching for the famed woman who has gone missing. The task for the players is to find her and unleash the dark powers she holds. As the game is developed with some real spooky features, players can hear creepy children’s music in the background.

The game's atmosphere is created to attract Roblox gamers to play it willingly, and players have to discover an abandoned asylum. It is said that Maria was last seen in this asylum. Hidden caverns and strange fungi growing on the asylum walls can be seen.

Multiple players can also play the game online, making it more fun by scaring other mates by hiding in the dark and giving them ultimate jump-scares to make the gaming session more memorable.

3) Breaking Point


Murdering and killing others can be scary, right? Breaking Point, created by IArekan and Bluecage, is one of the scariest games on the platform. The game was released in 2018 and is still loved by millions of gamers out there despite its continuous nature of getting banned.

This murder-mystery game involves the players killing each other and trying to survive till the end. Making it obvious, the last player to survive wins the game. The players are chosen randomly, although there are multiple game modes.

This multiplayer game is a big hit because the players are chosen on a random basis, which creates a sense of suspense among the players. The darkness involved in the design of the game makes it even scarier than it already is.

2) The Black Death


The Black Death (no, it is not the Plague!) is a horror game on Roblox played by several players. The game was created in 2022 by @Tacca_BioX. The official site warns players that the game contains jump scares and flashing lights.

Gamers must escape a spooky house, and not only this, they are being hunted by something in the dark they have to be aware of. This is also a multiplayer game, but one that can be played individually too.

The game's main challenge is to escape the house in one piece, which is quite difficult to do.

1) Nanny


Created by ECB Studios, Nanny was released in 2021. Being one of the scariest Roblox games, Nanny is played by many players across the globe. The survival-horror game becomes extremely frightening when gamers are chased by the Nanny.

Avoiding Nanny and finding a way to escape through the dark and unnerving hallways can be a nightmare for many. The game has gained popularity this year due to its dark, haunted atmosphere.

Nanny’s hair is white, her smile is as horrible as it can be, and her hands are always searching for the players to be caught. The game can be played alone and also with other players as well. Brave enough to play this game alone?

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