Fact Check: Can you get the Shazam outfit in Roblox?

Featured image of the Shazam outfit (Image via Sportskeeda)
Featured image of the Shazam outfit (Image via Sportskeeda)

Roblox Strongman Simulator partnered with Shazam Fury of the Gods, the upcoming DC superhero movie, to issue exclusive in-game accessories. Shazam fans can collect a lot of limited edition memorabilia and add them to their collection.

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Roblox Strongman Simulator is a typical simulator title where players must become the strongest on the server by dragging objects, working out, and buffing up their Strength (in-game resource). They can also use enhancement tools to empower their attributes and increase their revenue output.

The unfortunate news is that the superhero outfit is not up for grabs; however, other virtual items based on the new movie can be collected from the game. Players are tasked with completing special event challenges to acquire these items.

How to obtain Golden Apple, Lightning Aura, and more Shazam items in Roblox Strongman Simulator

Players must defeat any one of the mini-bosses (NPCs) in a tug-of-war contest to open a secret chamber. They should increase their Strength and compete in tug-of-war contests to acquire the collectibles.

After defeating the first boss, they can also collect the Golden Apple from the room. Players must wait for a few minutes before starting the next challenge.

Lightning Aura can be obtained in the same way, however, players will be needing more Strength. They can simply workout for some time and then participate in tug-of-war. Start dragging Wizard Swords and Unicorns across the finish line if your character lacks energy and power.


Additionally, to increase their Strength, one can drag Golden Apples and other objects across the finish line to earn a lot of energy. Robloxians can use their newly earned energy in workout regiments to buff up their in-game characters.

After securing the Lightning Aura, players must wait 18 minutes before proceeding to the next challenge. They can start training and increase their Strength output during the wait time. Individuals must be very strong to acquire Hespera's Crown as they'll confront Anthea, Hespera, and Kalypso in a tug-of-war.

For Root Dragon Head, individuals must be extremely buffed up to defeat the mini bosses in tug-of-war. Make sure to produce 100% power during the game to win within two clicks. You can find the newly obtained rewards in your in-game inventory.

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