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How Perks work in Korrupt Zombies
How Perks work in Korrupt Zombies (Image via Roblox)

Perks are some of the most useful mechanics in Korrupt Zombies, offering various passive effects that improve the overall gameplay experience. Inspired by the mechanic of the same name from Call of Duty: Zombies, these items can be unlocked upon reaching a certain level. Their usefulness is compounded in the multiplayer mode, where team members can use Perks for various bonuses.

Here’s a complete guide to Perks in Korrupt Zombies and how you can unlock them.

How Perks work in Korrupt Zombies

The Perks tab (Image via Roblox)
The Perks tab (Image via Roblox)

Perks are consumable items that can be used during a match for various combat-improving effects. These passive effects can be quite useful for lengthy battles, where you and your teammates may struggle to keep the pressure up on the Zombies.

All seven Perks can be unlocked via level-ups without any additional resource investment. They can then be upgraded using Crystals, a rare currency that can be earned by playing the game. With each upgrade, you will gain access to new and more powerful effects that skyrocket the Perk’s utility. Needless to say, this mechanic is an indispensable tool for every player.

Certain effects promote particular play styles, such as the Jugger Nog Perk, which is suited for tank-style players. This Perk gives additional HP and armor durability, and reduces the armor refilling cost, making it a shoo-in for players who form the first line of defense.

Below is a table that lists every Perk, its effects, and its level requirement. Note that at level 5, you will have access to the effects of all previous upgrades.



Unlock Level

Quick Revive

Upgrade Level 1: Increases Revive Speed by 50%

Upgrade Level 2: Speeds up self HP Regeneration

Upgrade Level 3: 2x Crawl speed

Upgrade Level 4: Restores own HP while reviving a team member

Upgrade Level 5: Makes self and the revived team member invulnerable for five seconds


Mule Kick

Upgrade Level 1: Increases ammo storage by 15%

Upgrade Level 2: Unlocks third weapon slot

Upgrade Level 3: 5% chance for Zombies to drop full ammo

Upgrade Level 4: Increases ammo storage by 30%

Upgrade Level 5: 50% chance for killed Zombies to drop power-ups


PhD Flopper

Upgrade Level 1: Increases explosive damage by 15%

Upgrade Level 2: Speeds up slides by 7%

Upgrade Level 3: Increases explosive AoE by 15%

Upgrade Level 4: Speeds up slides by 15%

Upgrade Level 5: Releases spider webs that stuns Zombies on hit (1-minute cooldown after activation)


Speed Cola

Upgrade Level 1: Equip weapons 15% faster

Upgrade Level 2: Reload 30% faster

Upgrade Level 3: Reload while sprinting

Upgrade Level 4: Reload 45% faster

Upgrade Level 5: Stuns nearby Zombies while the player reloads


Stamina Up

Upgrade Level 1: +50% Sprint duration; +25% Stamina recovery

Upgrade Level 2: Move at the same speed in all directions

Upgrade Level 3: +100% Sprint duration; +50% Stamina recovery

Upgrade Level 4: Sprint 15% faster

Upgrade Level 5: Perks, Wall Weapons, Mystery Boxes visible through walls


Jugger Nog

Upgrade Level 1: +25% armor durability against Zombies

Upgrade Level 2: -50% armor refill cost

Upgrade Level 3: +100% Max HP

Upgrade Level 4: +50% armor durability

Upgrade Level 5: Leave a tombstone with all player items upon death


Double Tap

Upgrade Level 1: Slowly auto-reload when unequipping a weapon

Upgrade Level 2: +30% to weapon damage; +30% weapon firing rate

Upgrade Level 3: Bullets can penetrate up to two Zombies at once

Upgrade Level 4: Quickly auto-reload when unequipping a weapon

Upgrade Level 5: +50% to Headshot damage


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About Korrupt Zombies

Official cover art for the game (Image via Roblox)
Official cover art for the game (Image via Roblox)

Korrupt Zombies is a Roblox title all about shooting Zombies and surviving for as long as possible. Take on waves of enemies in this Call of Duty: Zombies-inspired game and make it out alive. You can shred through the enemies solo, or mow them down with friends in tow.

Earn tons of rewards for killing the undead walkers, including weapon unlocks, Perks, Camos, Koins, and more. Rack up XP at the end of each match and level up to gain access to even more items and resources.

Grab yourself a weapon of choice and face the ultimate challenge in this FPS title.

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Which Perk can I use for more durability in Korrupt Zombies?

You can use the Perk Jugger Nog to receive health and armor buffs, which add to your overall durability.

How do I unlock Perks in Korrupt Zombies?

Perks can be unlocked by earning XP and reaching levels 0, 9, 19, 28, 38, 47, and 51.

Which Perk is the best for faster movement in Korrupt Zombies?

The Perk Stamina Up improves both your sprint speed and duration, making it the best option for faster movement.

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