Roblox Aimblox codes (May 2022): Free Cash and more

Codes to  redeem for free cash in Roblox Aimblox (Image via Roblox)
Codes to redeem for free cash in Roblox Aimblox (Image via Roblox)

Roblox Aimblox is a multiplayer first-person shooting (FPS) game created by Aim Lab Officials in 2021. The game has managed to gain millions of followers in such a short span of time; over 60 million gamers visit the game regularly, with tons of them playing it daily.

This multiplayer game allows players to fight and improve their aim by playing with other gamers online. They can use a number of different weapons such as Pistols, Snipers, and many more and must earn in-game cash and keys that unlock new powers, characters, and guns.

Aimblox was recently updated, and the developers have released new features in the game along with some new codes, using which players will be able to get free rewards such as cash, attachments, and more.

This article showcases freshly released active as well as expired codes for Roblox Aimblox for the month of May 2022.

Roblox Aimblox codes to redeem to get free rewards, cash, and more

Active Codes

Roblox Aimblox codes need to be typed out in the same manner as provided in the list given below because these codes are case-sensitive. If these codes are entered with errors and typos, then it will lead to the non-functioning of these codes.

Therefore, users can simply choose to copy and paste the codes, which will not only ensure the code is error-free but will also make the task less time-consuming and easy.

The codes don't stay active forever and will expire sooner or later. This is why users are recommended to use them as soon as possible so as not to miss out on the opportunity.


These following codes provide free rewards such as cash, attachments, and other items that will benefit the player.

Here are the active and valid codes for Roblox Aimblox:

  • LIKES200K – Redeem code for a free reward (NEW)
  • NEWPLAYER – Redeem code for a free reward (NEW)
  • LIKES180K – Redeem code for a free reward
  • AimbloxEaster – Redeem code for the Bunny Tech Sight attachment
  • AimbloxTweets – Redeem code for a free reward
  • LIKES177K – Redeem code for $1,000 cash
  • 50MIL – Redeem code for $1,000 cash
  • LIKES165K – Redeem code for $1,000 cash
  • LIKES150K – Redeem code for $1,000 cash
  • LIKES140K – Redeem code for $1,000 cash
  • LIKES130K – Redeem code for $1,000 cash
  • LIKES120K – Redeem code for $1,000 cash
  • LIKES110K – Redeem code for $1,000 cash
  • LIKES100K – Redeem code for $1,000 cash
  • LIKES90K – Redeem code for $1,000 cash
  • LIKES80K – Redeem code for $1,000 cash
  • LIKES70K – Redeem code for $1,000 cash
  • LIKES60K – Redeem code for $1,000 cash
  • LIKES50K – Redeem code for $1,000 cash
  • LIKES40K – Redeem code for $1,000 cash
  • LIKES30K – Redeem code for $2,000 cash
  • LIKES25K – Redeem code for $2,000 cash
  • IMPOSTER – Redeem code for $1,500 cash
  • aimissue – Redeem code for $500 cash
  • joemama – Redeem code for $100 cash
  • Gun – Redeem code for $25 cash
  • SHINOBI – Redeem code for $50 cash
  • PLAYBETA – Redeem code for $50 cash

Since the game is still in its Beta version, many un-updated servers might present some glitches and bugs. Individuals facing issues in redeeming a new code in the game can try closing the game and re-opening it after a few seconds. Applying this trick will send players to a new server where the code will work if the server is updated. Otherwise, players should just recheck the code after entering it to avoid mistakes.

Expired Codes

Codes in Aimblox do not last forever and may expire, meaning users can no longer use them. Using expired codes is only a waste of time and will lead to nothing but the non-functioning of the code.


Players are always welcome to take a look at the expired codes to ensure they don't use them. Users should be aware that typing out expired codes will not lead to any deletion of the in-game progress.

Here are the expired codes for players to have a look at for Roblox Aimblox:

  • kreekcraft – Redeem code for $1,000 cash

How to redeem codes in Aimblox?


Redeeming a code in Aimblox is not a very complex task and one can easily learn how to do it by following the simple steps given below.

Here are the steps for players to learn how to redeem a code in Roblox Aimblox:

Step 1: Open Roblox on mobile, PC, or any other device

Step 2: Launch Aimblox

Step 3: Click on the blue Twitter bird button available on the sides of the screen.

Step 4: A Code Redemption window will pop up

Step 5: Enter the desired code from the active list mentioned above in the text box. Or, instead, copy the code from the list and paste it in the text box.

Step 6: Hit the Redeem button to claim the rewards

A word of advice: Recheck the entered code before hitting the Redeem button to avoid any mistakes.

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