Roblox Premium: Pricing, features, and more 

Featured image of Roblox Premium (Image via Roblox)
Featured image of Roblox Premium (Image via Roblox)

The Roblox metaverse heavily relies on Robux for micro-transactions. You can use it to purchase UGC avatar items and in-game content. Additionally, there are limited-edition bundles and other accessories that can only be purchased in the Roblox store via Robux.

Instead of spending Robux mindlessly, you can simply choose a subscription pack to earn the currency. Yes, you can earn Robux monthly, and enjoy other perks and benefits as well with Roblox Premium. You'll also obtain an exclusive Premium badge to stand out in the community. Scroll ahead to learn more about the Premium packs and more.

What are the Roblox Premium membership plans?

Pricing of Premium membership (Image via Roblox)
Pricing of Premium membership (Image via Roblox)

The Roblox Premium membership offers three distinct packages, each providing you with a specific number of Robux at the end of every month. These subscription bundles are as follows:

  • Premium 450 - You must spend $4.99 per month to earn 450 Robux.
  • Premium 1000 - You must spend $9.99 per month to earn 1000 Robux.
  • Premium 2200 - You must spend $19.99 per month to earn 2200 Robux.

What are the perks you get after purchasing Roblox Premium?

Alongside monthly Robux, Premium members will be granted the following benefits in the metaverse:

  • You can access exclusive Avatar Shop items and get discounts.
  • You will gain 10% more Robux upon every Robux purchase.
  • You can trade and resell any of your items.
  • Special access to Premium-based content in experiences (titles).

Please note that your subscription is set to auto-renew by default. Hence, if you wish to cancel it or switch to a different plan, you must first cancel your existing plan and then proceed with your desired action.

If you are spending hours in famous games like Blox Fruits or Adopt Me!, then consider purchasing Premium packs as you can happily spend Robux to acquire in-game items.

You can access Premium-exclusive items in the catalog by selecting the "Premium" option under Sales Type in the filter menu. Many of these items are limited-edition and won't be available for purchase for quite some time. Furthermore, most of these are very affordable and can be easily acquired by Premium members.

How to add the desired Premium pack to your Roblox account?

Follow the steps instructed below to purchase Premium:

  • Open the official site and log into to your account.
  • Now head to the Premium page.
  • Scroll down to learn about the three plans and features.
  • Choose your desired plan and hit the black "Subscribe Now" button.
  • The payment page will pop up, where you will see the renewal details and payment type.
  • Select the preferred payment type and purchase the plan.

You can also use gift cards, Paypal, Debit cards, and Credit Cards to add the Premium plan to your account.

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