Roblox to enforce user data sale to third-parties: Privacy debate erupts

This article will list some of the major changes that will go into affect with the upcoming Roblox update (Image via Roblox)

Roblox has made various changes to its Privacy Policies over the years but the upcoming change might be the biggest players and creators have seen so far. According to the available information, Roblox will now start selling user data to advertisers starting June 12, 2024. This has raised serious concerns among both players and creators who use this platform.

Apart from this, the company is also bringing in a bunch of other changes to its various policies which have sparked a debate among the community. Hence, this article will provide all the necessary information that you need to know about the upcoming changes. Thanks to @Roblox_RTC for sharing the crucial information with the public on X.

Roblox will now sell user data to advertisers and third-parties

As mentioned before, Roblox is about to roll out its new Privacy Policy which will enforce user data sales to third parties. Alongside this, the company will also start using user voice and text data to train AI and for other purposes.

This is a serious issue for many users and creators who regularly use Roblox. Below are some of the major changes that will apply starting June 12, 2024:

Removal of Section 5

Section 5 of the Privacy Policy dictates how Roblox uses your data to show recommendations and affect your Avatar and the Experience tab. It allows Roblox to show relevant search results as well as suggest games and other things according to your liking. Section 5 will no longer be available after the upcoming changes take effect.

Change in Terms of Use

According to the available information, users can control what data they share with Roblox through an opt-out option. This limits what the company can store and share with others. Apart from that, the data will be used for safety, moderation, search and discovery, and for training its AI tools and machine. It is worth noting that the company may use the data for other training purposes as well.

Some data that can be copied, stored, processed, translated, and modified include experiences, paid Creator Store Assets, avatars, and avatar items. More information will be shared with the creators before the new rules go into effect.

Voice Based Services

Roblox has made a slight change in its policy regarding the voice-based services that it offers. The policy previously mentioned how the platform may record and collect your voice recordings for security purposes. Now, Roblox will collect, record, and process your voice to make its voice-based services safer for everybody.

Changes in Section 4

Under Section 4, Roblox may share your data with third parties for advertisement purposes. However, this is limited to contact and device identifiers. Fortunately, they do ask users for their permission to do so. In case you agree to the terms, the data under the above-mentioned categories will be shared.

Developer-created rules

According to the upcoming changes, developers will not be able to create and implement separate rules for their games. These rules will be governed by the concerned parties and Roblox will not handle any situation regarding breaking these in-game rules.

Users must first contact game developers regarding any issue

Another one of the upcoming changes describes that if players have any issues with the uploaded content, they will need to contact the game's developer first. Roblox will not respond to the complaints before the developer.

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Among other reactions, most fans are either surprised Roblox wasn't selling user data before or feel angry about it happening.

Fans are unhappy about the platform selling their data (Image via X)
Fans are unhappy about the platform selling their data (Image via X)
Fans are unhappy about the upcoming changes (Image via X)
Fans are unhappy about the upcoming changes (Image via X)


Roblox is bringing several new changes to its Privacy Policies which will allow the company to record and sell user data to third parties including advertisers. Most fans are unhappy about this decision and wish for it to be reverted.

FAQs about Roblox

When will the new policy go into effect?

The new Privacy Policy will be effective starting June 12, 2024.

Will the new rules affect the platform?

The new rules are bound to affect both players and developers who regularly use this platform.

Will everybody need to adhere to these rules?

Yes, everyone using Roblox will need to follow the new rules and the change in the Privacy Policies.

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