Roblox Ohio: Bank heist guide

Roblox Ohio bank heist guide
Here's everything you need to know about completing a bank heist in Roblox Ohio (Image via Roblox)

Roblox Ohio is a hardcore simulator and roleplaying title like the iconic Grand Theft Auto 5. However, instead of being centered around Los Angeles, it pays homage to the state of Ohio. In the game, players can roleplay as citizens in the virtual rendition of Ohio and drive around in fast cars, take on duels with other residents, and commit or fight crime.

To advance in-game and purchase various items, they need cash, and the best way to obtain some is by either looting an ATM or robbing a bank. That said, due to the lack of a guide on how to properly gear up for a bank heist, players may struggle to carry it out.

To that end, this guide assists them in understanding how to prepare for a bank heist, the complete procedure, and the risks and rewards involved.

Bank heist in Roblox Ohio: Everything you need to know

Preparing and successfully carrying out the bank heist

The Bank Vault (Image via Roblox)
The Bank Vault (Image via Roblox)

Before starting the bank heist or any other criminal activity in Roblox Ohio, Robloxians must gear up for the forthcoming action and combat with other residents. You can visit the armory and get yourself some firepower, armor, lockpicks, and explosives to easily break into the bank.

If you are falling short on cash when buying supplies, execute a smaller bank heist before your big payday. This can consist of looting cash from other players or ATMs. We recommend saving up in advance before performing a bank heist as it can be a costly process.

Upon gathering enough money to buy the supplies, make your way to the bank. Keep in mind, the cash being hoarded in the bank is a hot commodity and other players might also be trying to get their hands on it.

Official cover for Roblox Ohio (Image via Roblox)
Official cover for Roblox Ohio (Image via Roblox)

If the bank door is locked from the inside, it means other players have already initiated their heist. It will be twice as hard to carry out the heist because now you'll have to use a lockpick to enter. You can either wait for those players to leave and then loot the vault as the cash keeps regenerating or simply take them out.

The looting process is quite simple if you don't come across other players. If you have explosives, then you can skip the entire breaking-in process and directly enter the vault area by using C4 on the outer back-left wall of the bank.

After clearing all enemies, you can empty the vault and get rich quickly. Make sure to exit most furtively as players may camp outside the bank to ambush you.

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FAQs on Roblox Ohio

When was Roblox Ohio released?

It was released almost three years ago by SkullDevs, on August 11, 2021.

Is Roblox Ohio free to play?

There are optional in-game purchases, but the core gameplay experience is free.

How often does it receive updates?

The development team provides regular updates and new content to keep the experience fresh and exciting.

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