Scream Stream: A beginner's guide

Scream Stream Guide
Here's everything you need to know about Scream Stream (Image via Roblox)

Scream Stream is a horror RPG that takes inspiration from Content Warning and countless other Roblox horror titles but sports an entirely new premise. In the game, Robloxians are teleported into an eerie world after landing a job at a fictional company called ScreamStream. They're given three days to capture something scary on video and upload it or else, they meet an unfortunate ending.

Since the game is relatively new and there isn't a tutorial, this may make it challenging for beginners to get used to the various mechanics and features. This guide aims to fill that void, simplify the game to its basics, and help novices understand how it works.

Scream Stream: Everything you need to know

Understanding the basics

The in-game shop in Scream Stream (Image via Roblox)

The in-game shop (Image via Roblox)

Upon loading into the game for the first time, Robloxians will spawn into a spawning area with an eccentric TV-man skin. Here, they must choose if they wish to play in a team of four, in a duo, or go in as a lone wolf. Once decided, they must go inside the chosen elevator, push down the lever to close the door and push the Start button by pressing the E key on their keyboards.

Now, Robloxians will be transported to a different world where they'll spawn in a starter house. In the house, there are beds for up to four players and they're color-coded according to the colors allotted to every player. There is a video camera and three flashlights that spawn near the stairs every time the day gets reset.

The spawning area in Scream Stream (Image via Roblox)

The spawning area (Image via Roblox)

Outside the house, there is an elevator that brave gamers can use to descend into a dark and eerie world and capture something scary on camera. They can turn it into a tape via the machine outside near the elevator, then upload it onto the TV found on the ground floor of the house to finish the game.

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How to play Scream Stream?

Official cover for Scream Stream (Image via Roblox)
Official cover for Scream Stream (Image via Roblox)

Players on the island will be allotted three days to venture into the other-worldly environment below them and get something scary on tape with the help of a handheld camera and flashlights that spawn daily below the stairs. After filming something scary, they must turn it into a tape with the help of the machine located outside the starter house.

Gameplay screenshot from Scream Stream (Image via Roblox)
Gameplay screenshot from Scream Stream (Image via Roblox)

Players must then upload the same onto the ScreamStream network by watching it on the television placed in the living room downstairs and clicking the Upload button. If the Robloxians fail to do so, they will meet an unfortunate end, get sent to the lobby area and they'll have to start over.

Nevertheless, players must be familiar with the game controls before hopping straight into the action. Here are the basic controls:

  • WASD: Use these keys to move your avatar in the game.
  • Space: Press this key to jump in the game.
  • Left Ctrl: Press this key to crouch in the game.
  • Shift: Use this key to sprint or move quickly. Keep in mind, that using this key may drain your stamina.
  • E: Press this key to interact with some items.
  • Left Click: Use this key to interact with the GUI as well as other options.
  • Mouse: You can use the mouse to look around and aim.

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FAQs on Roblox Scream Stream

When was Scream Stream released?

This game was first released by CandleLit! almost two months ago, on April 13, 2024.

Is Scream Stream free to play?

Yes, however, there are optional in-game purchases, but the core gameplay experience is free.

How often does Scream Stream receive updates?

The development team provides regular updates and new content to keep the game fresh.

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