Roblox The Presentation Experience codes (May 2022): Free points and more

Roblox The Presentation Experience codes to earn more points (image via YouTube)
Roblox The Presentation Experience codes to earn more points (image via YouTube)

Roblox games are famous for their variety of games, available in every genre. The platform has games for everyone and their every mood. Players can experience every character and play the role of anything they want.

From being a business tycoon to a student at a school, players who have completed their schooling long back can experience that vibe once again with this Roblox game.

Roblox has a popular game called “The Presentation Experience”. It’s a relaxing role-playing game (RPG) where players’ school memories will be back. The game’s main aim is to present a presentation on a random subject, or sometimes players can choose.


By making the presentations, players will gain points. As Roblox games are developed by the users themselves, they also provide codes for their gamers.

Like every other Roblox game, “The Presentation Experience” also provides codes to its players. This article further showcases the newly available codes for the game to gain more points and much more.

Roblox: The Presentation Experience codes to gain more points and much more

New active codes

The Presentation Experience codes help gamers to enjoy the game even more by collecting more points. Moreover, players can disturb the presentation more efficiently, have more fun while playing this exciting game, and look more attractive to the opponents.


The codes for the games are made available by the developers via Twitter posts, stories, or on the Discord server. Players are advised to follow the developers on social media or join the groups for the latest updates regarding codes.

The Presentation Experience provides codes to gamers on reaching specific targets. The developers set the targets, which gamers have to achieve to get the codes.

Players are recommended to use these codes as soon as possible as these codes are not long-lasting and may expire after some time.

These codes are also case-sensitive and must be written in the same manner by gamers. For the proper functioning of the code, players can copy and paste the code given in the list below.


Here is a list of new, working, and valid codes for Roblox The Presentation Experience (May 2022):

· 700kmembers – points

· 660kfavourites – points

· minibonus – points

· 600kmembers – 500 points

· takenotes – 100 points

· jennahacker – 100 points

· 500Kmembers – 500 points

· chugjug – 100 points

· egg – 50 points

· 150KLIKES – points

· emotionaldamage – 80 points

· lava – 50 points

· Sheesh – 30 points

· Cringe – 25 points

· Poop – 100 points

· push-ups – 100 points

· toilet – 50 points

· itsaboutdriveitsaboutpower – 150 points

· intensesilence – 50 points

· azureoptix – 25 points

· teachermadcuzbad – 200 points

· RAT - Redeem for 25 Points

· NikkoCoder – 50 points

· 10points – ten points

· Bookworm – 80 points

· (New Code) egg – 50 points

Expired codes


Players can always check the expired codes for their knowledge. There will be no harm to the game’s progress by entering the expired codes. The code will simply not work.

Players are always advised to stay updated for new codes as the codes expire from time to time. To learn what the expired codes for the game here’s a list of the expired codes for Roblox The Presentation Experience:

· 220kmembers

· 210kmembers

· 160kmembers

· santaclaus

· Christmas

· 75klikes

· 20mvisits

How to redeem the code?


Redeeming these codes is simple. To redeem these codes and enjoy their rewards, follow the steps given below:

I. Open Roblox on a mobile phone or any device

II. Launch The Presentation Experience

III. A blue Twitter bird option is visible

IV. Click on the bird and enter the desired code

V. Or instead, copy the desired valid code mentioned above and paste it into the space given

VI. Hit enter to redeem the rewards

VII. Enjoy the rewards!

About the game


The Presentation Experience is a game where players play the role of a student. Players are given a topic at random or given the choice to pick a subject to give a presentation on.

The game becomes more interesting when other students (players) interrupt the presentation by various means like screaming, coughing, raging, partying, or any other things that are distracting enough.

Players earn points by presenting and also every 5 seconds. Premium players have the advantage of making points every 3 seconds. Players can use these earned points to interrupt other players' presentations as distracting activities require points.

The game is often played and has millions of people visiting the game regularly. The multiplayer game can be played with 16 players connected on a single server.

Being an RPG game, it has chat facilities to make new friends in the virtual school and interact with the teachers. The game gives out the vibes of the school's backbenchers, which is pretty unique and fun.

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