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5 talent releases by the WWE that didn't appeal to all the fans

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Alberto Del Rio was released after a backstage altercation with a WWE officialWhile the past few years have seen WWE make good use of the talents, on occasion there have been matches that aren’t memorable, storylines that aren’t meaningful and moments that are a sum of nothing.So it isn’t really a surprise when a superstar or a diva who hasn’t been used properly by the management is eventually released. But sometimes, such releases leave everyone surprised, and not all the fans are in agreement with the decisions.Here are 5 such talent releases by the WWE that have been questioned by some segments of fans:

#1 Alberto Del Rio

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Most Shocking Release in 2014

Alberto Del Rio was fired in 2014 for allegedly slapping a WWE employee. This ‘unprofessional conduct’ got him a release without even a warning. The man who was on the recieving end of that slap reportedly made a racist joke that suggested that Del Rio would have to clean dishes in catering given the fact that he’s Mexican. 

The man, named Cody Barbierri, was a Social Media manager for the WWE and he threatened to sue the company if they refused take any action against Del Rio. 

What happened to Del Rio, considering these circumstances, is unfair. It was quite sudden and came in as a shocking news. Barbierri, though, is no longer employed with the company either. And Alberto Del Rio, meanwhile, is doing great working for a different promotions.

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