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5 wrestling promotions you should watch other than the WWE

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Seth Rollins vs Daniel Bryan at Ring Of HonourIt saddens me at times to see the current world of pro-wrestling that is consonant to that of existent monopolies that dominate the market in spite of an array of great alternatives.WWE is the top dog when it comes to the wrestling monopolythough credit has to be given where it is due and Vince McMahon is a genius who deserves most of it. WWE has a mammoth reach and over the years has steamrolled through every competitionthat stood up to take their empire down, be it ECW, WCW or TNA, to name a few.All of that cannot undermine the current landscape of pro-wrestling that has some noteworthy promotions that, on a weekly basis, dish out some great TV that must be watched instead of the ever so predictable WWE product. One more thing that separates these promotions from the WWE is the variety of wrestling maneuvers you would get to see, which the WWE would never allow their talents to use, due to safety reasons being obvious.In this slideshow, we take a look at those promotions, that are currently obscure to the mainstream pro-wrestling fans but must be taken a look at to admire the quality they produce.

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There is no dearth of options when you look out for entertaining pro-wrestling as every now and then you would see a new promotion spring up. 

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG) is one heck of an indie wrestling promotion which would make you fall in love with the indies. A small yet amazing crowd coupled with extravagant wrestling and you would have PWG. CM Punk, Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels and the legendary Super Dragon (one of the founding fathers) all have been stalwarts of PWG.

Global force Wrestling (GFW) is a relatively new promotion started by former WWE and TNA star Jeff Jarret, which is home to stars such as Bobby Roode, Chris Masters, Justin Gabriel and Magnus. Jeff Hardy is also rumored to be signed up, but that is just speculation. GFW holds live events, which are really fun to watch, during which the genius of Jarret is at full display.

Every pro-wrestling fan is familiar with TNA and although it is a sinking ship and on its last legs it still produces noteworthy moments and is worth a watch. 

I know NXT comes under WWE’s wing of operations, but over the years has built a name for itself and if you haven’t started watching already, don’t waste any more time. 

Other notable promotions that are really entertaining include Pro Wrestling Syndicate, Dragon Gate USA, Family Wrestling Entertainment, Chikara Pro and House Of Hardcore to name a few. These independent promotions must be watched to document and apreciate the rise and talent of current WWE talents such as Cesaro, Luke Harper, and Adrian Neville who are just a few among countless.

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