5 best Valorant Agents for CS: GO players

5 best Valorant Agents for CS: GO players (Image via Sportskeeda)
5 best Valorant Agents for CS: GO players (Image via Sportskeeda)

In its two years of existence, Valorant has managed to incorporate players from various gaming communities into their own due to the very nature of the game.

Essentially a first-person shooter, Valorant blends tactical gameplay with a hero system, thereby attracting players from games like CS: GO, Fortnite, PUBG, Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege and alike.


Players can choose from the game's Agent pool of 18 different characters, with each Agent from the Valorant Protocol being assigned one of the four roles: Duelist, Initiator, Controller, and Sentinel, based on their abilities and playstyle. Each Agent has a total of four abilities that players can combine with their gunplay to enjoy the best gaming experience.

Listed below are five Agents that CS: GO players who are new to Valorant can pick up to have an amusing experience in the game's diverse modes of matchmaking.

5 Agents that CS: GO players can pick up to start their Valorant journey

5) Phoenix

Phoenix, a Duelist from the United Kingdom, was one of the first 10 characters to be released into the game. The Agent made his initial appearance in the game's beta run. Additionally, Phoenix is one of the five Agents that new players can choose from to kickstart their gaming experience.

Out of the five Agents on the list, Phoenix is perhaps the one that CS: GO players may be least familiar with. However, the learning curve for his abilities makes it convenient for CS: GO players to pick and master the Agent with ease.


Phoenix's Blaze (C) ability allows him to raise a wall of fire that blocks enemy vision and damages players who pass through it, healing Phoenix in the process. His Curveball (Q) is a flash ability that curves before exploding and blinding opponents. Phoenix's signature ability Hot Hands (E) is similar to a Molotov from CS: GO, with the added benefit of healing the Agent.

His ultimate Run it Back (X) may be an entirely new experience for CS: GO players. However, it is easy to master and use to one's advantage. Once the ultimate is activated, Phoenix will have 10 seconds to engage in any threatening combat and return to full HP from the spot of activation.

4) Sage

Sage is yet another character who entered Valorant's Agent pool as early as the game's beta run. Similar to Phoenix, Sage is among the five Agents available for new players to choose from. The Sentinel, who hails from China, has an ability toolkit that is fairly simple to learn and implement in Valorant's matchmaking.


Sage's Barrier Orb (C) erects a wall that solidifies a few seconds after activation. While this may be new to CS: GO players, it is fairly easy to learn and can be utilized in a variety of situations. Her Slow Orb (Q) can be deployed to slow down players who have been caught within the area, for seven seconds.

Sage's signature and ultimate abilities are perhaps the easiest ones to adapt to. Her Healing Orb (E) can be used to either increase her health or her teammate's by 60 HP. In a similar fashion, Resurrection (X) can be used to revive a fallen teammate and bring them back to full health.

3) Reyna

Reyna, a Duelist from Mexico, made her way into the game during its official launch in July 2020. Since her arrival, Reyna has been a very popular choice in the game's ranked matchmaking, although the Agent is slowly fading away from Valorant's competitive meta.

Compared to the other Agents in the game, Reyna has minimal team commitment and an ability toolkit capable of winning any possible gunfight. Her Leer (C) is a destructible flash ability that nearsights enemies. This ability is the only flash in Valorant that doesn't hinder teammates and can hence be mastered with ease.


Reyna has two signature abilities: Devour (Q) and Dismiss (E). Once she kills an enemy, or when an enemy tagged by her dies within three seconds, a soul orb appears. Reyna can use this orb to either rapidly gain health with Devour or become intangible with Dismiss.

Reyna's ultimate ability Empress (X) allows her to enter a frenzy and annihilate all opponents within her path. During Empress, Devour is automatically cast without consuming the orb, whereas Dismiss grants the Agent invisibility instead of intangibility. With utilities that reward self-sufficient fraggers, Reyna is the perfect pick if your aim is on point.

2) Chamber

Chamber, a Sentinel from France, is one of the most recent additions to the game. Since his arrival in Episode 3 Act 3, Chamber has grown into one of the most popular Agent picks in both ranked as well as professional matchmaking. However, a Sentinel by role, Chamber's utility kit rewards players with reliable aim.

Being a Sentinel, Chamber is equipped with a Trademark (C) trap that can detect enemies within a particular radius and slow them down if not destroyed. One of his highlight abilities is his Rendezvous (E) which helps players teleport from one place to another.

This ability helps the Agent access elevated angles or take risky gunfights with an escape plan in hand.


Chamber's abilities also enhance the player's gunplay by providing them with improved versions of two existing weapons - Sheriff and Operator. His Headhunter (Q) is an upgraded Sheriff that has an ADS (aim down sight) option as well, in addition to the conventional hip-fire. Chamber's highlight, however, is his superior Operator wielding skills.

Chamber is designed to have an edge over others when it comes to using sniper rifles. While his Rendezvous allows him to hold the most effective angles with the weapon, his ultimate ability, Tour de Force (X) provides Chamber with an enhanced version of an Operator, much similar to CS: GO's AWP.

With abilities similar to CS: GO's game mechanics, Chamber is one of the go-to Agents for CS: GO players and perhaps the best fit for the traditional AWPers from CS: GO.

1) KAY/O

KAY/O is an Initiator Agent of unknown origin who entered Valorant Protocol in Episode 3 Act 1. His arrival introduced the concept of suppression, which prevents enemies from using their abilities for a short duration.

Valorant is a game that equally relies on utility usage and gunplay. However, with KAY/O's abilities, players can tone down the enemies' utility reliance while focusing on gunplay, bringing the game closer to CS: GO.

As an Initiator, the Agent's abilities can be used for individual gameplay, as well as to support his teammates. His FRAG/ment(C) is a grenade that works similar to Counter Strike's Molotov and HE Grenade, dealing heavy damage to enemies caught within the area over a short duration.


KAY/O's FLASH/drive (Q) is quite reminiscent of CS: GO's Flashbangs, where players can use the mouse buttons to either pop-flash or aim and flash over a desired area. The Agent's most unique skillset, however, lies in his signature and ultimate abilities.

While KAY/O's ZERO/point (E) ability suppresses detected enemies for 8 seconds, his ultimate ability, NULL/cmd (X) offers a variety of buffs. Enemies within a certain radius of KAY/O will be suppressed for a short duration, while KAY/O can be brought back into the game after being shot down, if re-stabilized by teammates within 15s.

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