5 Valorant Agents who are perfect for beginners (& 5 who are tailored towards veterans)

A look at some Agents in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)
A look at some Agents in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)

Picking the best Valorant Agents, especially for new players, can be difficult with close to 20 possibilities available in the game. There are quite a few tough Agents to master like Jett and Phoenix, for example.

Valorant is a fast-paced game and learning the mechanics can be quite tough, especially for a beginner. The abilities of quite a few heroes can be quite hard to master for beginner players since they can be easily punished for making mistakes, for example using ultimate or abilities when not needed.

5 easy-to-play Agents in Valorant

1) Raze


Raze is an amazing Agent in Valorant, especially for new players as her abilities are pretty straight forward. She’s a great duelist to pick up and play from the first minute when players step into the game. Her damage is extraordinarily high when compared to other heroes, and can be used to easily top the scoreboard.

Players need not have exceptional aiming skills while playing Raze as her abilities can cause damage to a wide area. New players may or may not have the aiming capability of a veteran Valorant player even if they have transitioned from other first-person shooter games.

She is very easy to start with but very hard to master. Insane hyper-aggressive play with the blast packs are hard to master, though, and new players can struggle a bit to get the hang of things.

2) Phoenix


His ultimate is a boon for newer players in Valorant who are looking to push through to the site without dying. While there is a chance that players might get knifed from behind after the ultimate runs out, it can be quite a tough lesson.

Phoenix's abilities are well suited to learning the basics of the game, and all of them, Curveball, Hot Hands, Blaze and Run It Back, are pretty great overall. His Curveball can be a dual edged sword, sometimes blinding his own teammates if not used correctly, and needs a bit of practice to get used to.

The Hot Hands ability, if used incorrectly, can injure teammates. So, it must be used properly to zone out enemies or regenerate one’s health. The Blaze ability too can be misused, and most often results in the walling of teammates in the hands of new players.

3) Reyna


Reyna is a very basic hero as she has two abilities, which can only be activated after getting a kill, and an ultimate that boosts these powers.

Her Devour ability can be triggered for up to three seconds after killing an enemy and automatically cast if her ultimate is active. It is much harder to kill Reyna when her ultimate is active, and she can easily take on a couple of enemies using her Dismiss ability to go invisible, which does get a bit scary for the opponents.

Her Blind ability is the best for new players as it cannot blind hero allies and can also be cast through walls. The Leer ability can even be used as a distraction to make enemies shoot at it first, which clears the way to easily take them down.

Reyna is one of the best Agents for newer players as she can be used to play aggressively in Valorant without dying often.

4) Sage


Sage is by far the easiest Agent to play in Valorant. She is a bit hard to master, but she can play her passion as a healer quite easily. All her abilities can be used quite well, offensively as well as defensively, and that makes her quite adaptable for new players.

Her Slow Orb creates an area that slows down the movement of anyone who steps on it. It can be used to slow down enemies as Sage can take them out quite easily. Her Barrier Orb can be useful when defending a spike site or a plant as it stops enemies from rushing in and can be inversely used to block off an angle.

Her Resurrection ability is a game changer, especially in clutch situations. It can be used to easily 1v2 opponents.

5) Brimstone


Brimstone is the easiest controller available in Valorant. He can provide a lot of boost for his team from afar, which includes his semi-global smokes. At lower levels, players can struggle to play around with the smokes, invariably pushing through into Brimstone’s sights. The smokes can block off multiple pathways, making it easier for players to hold or push into a spike site.

Brimstone’s Incendiary ability is great for use later on when the spike has been planted, and most new players might learn that after a couple of misuses. Brimstone’s kit also contains the Stun Beacon, which when used with guns that have a high rate of firepower, can rain down hellfire on enemy squads.

His ultimate Orbital strike is overpowered when used judiciously, especially after a spike plant. Playing Brimstone teaches players how important it is to split and cut off enemy lines. His abilities are very useful in the latter part of the round.

5 Agents who are hard to master

1) Sova


Sova’s abilities in Valorant might seem easy-to-use on the surface, but when in the hands of a veteran player of Valorant, he can be a game changer. All of his abilities centre around using his utility for information. He’s got a handy drone that can be used to scout ahead and tag enemies or it can be used to serve as a distraction.

He’s also got shock darts that can be used in a post-plant scenario by veterans to bamboozle their opponents. His arrows do have hard lineups that need to be learned, and that too for every map in Valorant. There’s a pretty good chance that Sova players might get shot down while using the drone or when aiming the arrows.

2) Viper


Viper is a pretty tough hero to master in Valorant and play with. She must be picked on specific maps in Valorant where her kit is useful. She still has the lowest pick rate in the higher leagues.

Viper’s abilities have lineups that are pretty difficult to pull off, even for a veteran. Her abilities, like the toxic screen and the poison cloud, have difficult lineups to say the least. She can be a powerful Agent, but her abilities are vastly underpowered on most maps. Viper shines on a few maps while defending and in post-plant scenarios.

3) Omen


Omen might be the most fun playing Agent in Valorant for players with amazing intuition and game sense. He can literally teleport behind enemy players after blinding them, which is what most veteran players do when bagging newbies in lower leagues in Valorant.

Although his teleport ability itself is very difficult to pull off in higher leagues and his blind ability has got a single charge only, Omen can still wreak havoc among enemy lines by using his smoke to teleport behind them and pulling off crazy plays by coordinating with the allies.

4) Killjoy


Killjoy, the German Sentinel in Valorant, is a class apart and can be used masterfully to defend multiple sites if needed. She has a turret that can inform her about enemies passing through its path and even damaging them or taking them out if they stay in its path for too long.

Her most fun piece of equipment is probably her Molly, which can be activated from anywhere on the map, and is very useful in post-plant scenarios in Valorant. It’s a fun tool to use in lower to mid-level leagues and in tight clutch situations. Killjoy also has an alarm bot which does what the name suggest, it alarms Killjoy about enemy movement when a player steps on it.

5) Cypher


Cypher is another Sentinel in Valorant quite like Killjoy, but his kit is more oriented towards trapping and gaining information on enemies in Valorant. He is a treat to play when defending sites, but falls a bit short when attacking. He can delay or even stop pushes with his Tripwire and Cage abilities.

He’s a little complicated to play for beginners as his abilities require players to have a great game sense, juggle tasks, and keep an eye out for the enemy constantly. Cypher is an Agent who is amazingly effective in the right hands.

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